De Soi Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Apéritifs

De Soi is a range of sparkling non-alcoholic apéritifs inspired by the French ethos of pleasure and restraint.

Using her expertise in distilling and botany, Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan blends natural culinary botanicals like yuzu, dates, and rosemary for an elegant apéritif that’s still easy to sip. The secret is in our adaptogens like ashwagandha and reishi mushroom, mind-mellowing botanicals that put the fun in functional, helping you create, relax, and ease into the night. 


De Soi - Champignon Dreams Non-Alcoholic Apéritif - Can (4-pack) - Boisson
De Soi Purple Lune - Boisson
De Soi Champignon Dreams - Boisson
De Soi Golden Hour - Boisson