Studio Null

Founded in 2021 and made in partnership with award-winning, family-run vineyards and top dealcoholization experts in Europe, Studio Null offers non-alcoholic wines that are uncompromising and complex. As a collaborative concept, it draws on a diverse and evolving portfolio of international winemakers and artists to deliver the best tasting flavors in formats that are familiar yet original, and always a pleasure to drink.

Their first release in 2021 features three wines: No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 are sparkling rosé, crisp white, and dry red blend expressions, respectively. Each wine is traceable from vine to glass, offering full sourcing information, nutritional facts, and ingredients in a commitment to taste and transparency. Beyond the bottle, Studio Null aims to reframe the conversation around drinking, inviting people to live life however they please.