Designed to be paired with food and enjoyed in fine stemware.

Acid League is a team of acid ambassadors who have managed to create a culture around a flavor profile. Born from a desire to recreate vinegar, their goal is to inspire continuous ideation and experience around acid—notably, in the world of non-alcoholic wine proxies.

Acid League Proxies are designed to be paired with food and enjoyed in fine stemware; each bottle strikes a balance of acidity, texture, tannin, and spice. It’s made to be enjoyed like wine, but not. The range has become a favored non-alcoholic option on some of the finest wine lists in the world. Completely creative and entirely original, Proxies inspire discovery, indulgence, and celebration.

<0.5% ABV
gluten free
low sugar
What people are saying

"Complex and delicious wine alternative"


"Smooth and silky."


"I enjoyed this wine. It had a 'different' (in a good sense) taste to it and was a notch above the usual n/a wines available on the market."


"Love this stuff.....really unique."


"Can't stop talking about this brand!! The Zephyr is my favourite so far, followed by Nightshade, but I've enjoyed every one I've tried. I'd recommend chilling each one, even the reds, for added balance. Some wonderfully complex and unique flavours. Everyone I've shared Proxies with has loved it."



Designed with the intention to be enjoyed alongside food, wine proxies aren’t trying to imitate any specific variety of wine. The only part they replicate is the experience of drinking wine with a meal, yet in their own, unique way.

A Quick Guide to Wine Proxies

Complex, layered beverages that blend juices, teas, bitters, and spices.


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