A feel-good, fresh take on the apéritif.

Inspired by her deeply personal journey with alcohol, Lily Geiger founded Figlia—sophisticated drinks suited for memorable, leisurely moments. Her belief that non-drinkers should be seen and heard as much as the next drinker led to the creation of unapologetically non-alcoholic apéritifs.

The brand operates on a bedrock of compassion: each bottle sold helps support Partnership to End Addiction. Figlia also donates to NYC-based organizations through 1% for the Planet.

Female Led
0.0% ABV
What people are saying

"I was curious to try Figlia after reading reviews and it did not disappoint. I usually mixed it with tonic water and an orange slice which was divine."


"It’s so wonderful to not have alcohol in our bodies and to have these wonderful alternatives!!!!"


"Absolute pleasure paired with ice and sparkling water. It has a very inviting flavor. A wonderful drink to sip!"


"Delicious! My new favorite non alcoholic aperitif"


"This was our first foray into non-alcoholic aperitivos. We shared it at a birthday party and everyone found it enjoyable."



There are a growing number of apéritifs out there, which can make things hard to choose. If you’re looking for something spicy-sweet and not too bitter, Figlia is the way to go.

Ultimate Fiore Recipe Guide from Lily Geiger, Founder of Figlia

The most rewarding thing about doing what I do is seeing the feedback, notes, and comments from those who feel that they have been able to relate to my story and have felt more comfortable talking about it because of that.


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