Hand distilled in the wilds of Oregon

What happens when to liquor industry vets take their know-how on a pioneering passion project? Beautiful, bold distilled spirits that reflect the rugged nature around them that just happen to not have alcohol. Brad Whiting and Seth O'Malley have created a line of distillates that not only provide a complex, unique drinking experience, but also support an active lifestyle to enjoy the wilds of their botanical origins.

Each expression is uniquely its own, with local and exotic flavors, but mimic certain drinking experiences. Lustre drinks like a gin and warmer days; Earthen drinks like a whiskey on long winter nights. Newly added Bittersweet Aperitivo honors the apéritif tradition. But feel FREE to drink them anytime, any day—you won't be disappointed.

<0.5% ABV
gluten free
Sustainable Values
What people are saying

"Super refreshing. One of my new favorites. I add a ginger ale and a splash of lime. Very good."


"I’ll definitely be purchasing again."



For your first experience with Wilderton, make two simple serves: Lustre with tonic and Earthen with ginger ale. You'll release the layers of aroma and flavors this way, and it's a great way to get to know the spirit. From there, let your senses guide you to more inventive cocktails—or keep it simple forever!

Q&A with the Founders of Wilderton

"We are beautiful botanical spirits delivering a bold and unique foundation for amazing cocktails that may happen to be made without alcohol—that is the glass half-full."


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