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Proxies X André Hueston Mack AHM

For this special Proxies Club release, we’re featuring our friend and collaborator, André Hueston Mack. Often referred to as the black sheep of the wine world, André gained renown as sommelier at The French Laundry and Per Se before leaving to make his own celebrated wines. Drawing inspiration from André’s Maison Noir Wines label, based in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, this medium-bodied red blends marionberries—an Oregon exclusive known as “the king of blackberries”— with pinot noir grapes, tart cherries, rhubarb, and cranberry for a fresh, juicy base balanced by earthy pu-erh tea and kola nut. Willamette hops add an extra dose of Oregonian flavor, bringing a hint of pepper and spice to the complex, layered finish.

Fruit: Marionberry, Cherry, Cranberry, Rhubarb, Pinot Noir Grapes
Acidity: Verjus, Blackberry Vinegar
Spice: Willamette Hops, Enigma Hops, Kola Nut, Cinnamon
Body: Pu-Erh Tea, Chinese Black Tea

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