Aplós - Arise and Calme Non-Alcoholic Spirit Bundle

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The Aplós collection of non-alcoholic spirits draws on the medicinal properties of functional ingredients to inspire moments of slow, simple living and natural magic.

Whether you seek comfort in solitude or the company of others, these spirits will hush the noise, foster connection, and inspire any ordinary moment. Consider us enchanted.


The original Aplós you know and love—renamed and rebottled. Hemp-infused with citrusy yuzu, earthy notes, and a minty-fresh, cucumber finish. Sip alongside moments of true relaxation and mindfulness.


Bold, earthy notes of agave flower, lemon verbena, and black sarawak play off of invigorating citrus. This one's made for moments of revelry and connection—a proprietary blend of adaptogens and functional ingredients deliver a social and cognitive boost.

How to Sip: 
Enjoy Aplós as you would any traditional spirit: neat, on-the-rocks, or mixed into a cocktail. Simply pour a 2 oz serving over ice and mix as desired.

It's recommended to wait 15-20 minutes between servings, as the soothing effect typically settles within 15-30 minutes. Peak absorption within 1-2 hours creates room for a mindful, smooth experience.