Seedlip Garden 108 Non-Alcoholic 700ml + Avec Yuzu & Lime 4-pack Bundle

Seedlip 108 Non-Alcoholic 700ml + Avec Yuzu & Lime 4-pack Bundle - Boisson — Brooklyn's Non-Alcoholic Spirits, Beer, Wine, and Home Bar Shop in Cobble Hill
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The perfect bundle for the perfect cocktail. Mix 2oz of Seedlip Garden 108 and Avec Yuzu & Lime for a refreshing sip any time or place. For some flair, we recommend garnishing with a lime wedge. 

A floral blend of Peas & Hay, with traditional garden herb distillates in celebration of the English countryside. Simply serve with ginger ale & garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

The fresh & floral Seedlip Garden 108 captures the essence of the English countryside. Sophisticated top notes of hand-picked Peas & Hay and a complex herbal base character of Spearmint, Rosemary & Thyme.

Non-alcoholic, zero calories, sugar & sweetener free with no artificial flavors. Water, Natural Botanical Distillates & Extracts (Peas, Hay, Spearmint, Rosemary, Thyme & Hops). Preservative: Potassium sorbate. Acid: Citric acid

<0.5% ABV

700 mL

Avec [Av-ek] is French for “with”. Because what you mix with your alcohol matters. No more vodka or tequila soda with 50 extra limes, or a splash of this or that. Instead, Avec combines yuzu, a citrus from East Asia, and lemongrass, an herb from Southeast Asia, with the everyday lime (for your drinking pleasure). The result is a fresh, delightful, and citrusy blend that really hits the spot- if they do say so themselves.