Force Majeure - Triple Hop - 4 Pack

Force Majeure - Triple Hop - 4 Pack - Boisson — Brooklyn's Non-Alcoholic Spirits, Beer, Wine, and Home Bar Shop in Cobble Hill
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Force Majeure is a brand-new Belgian specialty beer tailored to real epicureans. The
creators of Force Majeure opted for 100% flavour with 0% alcohol, while refusing any
compromise. So, from now on, you can feel free to raise a glass more often, and treat
yourself and your friends to your favourite flavours. Hoppy, bitter, fruity or blonde beer?
Thanks to our five instant classics, you have the perfect beer for every occasion.

100% beer, 100% flavour and yet 0% alcohol? Taste first, then believe! As a new beer brand, we could not face a more critical audience than real Belgian Majeure came, was seen, and it
conquered! These brave tasters tried it before you. But why not rely on your own taste, and try Force Majeure today?

Force Majeure. The first real Belgian non-alcoholic beer brand. 100% Belgian, 100% flavour and
yet 0% alcohol. Faut le faire.

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