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Named after Indonesia’s national flower, Melati is Asia’s first non-alcoholic, botanical apéritif. Made with 26 healing botanicals from the far East, Melati Classic is a sophisticated expression made for slow sipping. In a process akin to crafting perfume, botanicals are cold-extracted for six weeks to preserve the oils, botanicals, and nuance of each unique ingredient.

The Classic palate has a bit of everything: fruity and floral flavors play off of spicy, herbaceous notes in a tasteful, bittersweet balance. It’s refreshing and mood-enhancing, opening pathways for mindful connection. It’s even an antidote to tummy troubles, a powerful detox agent, and packed with vitamins and minerals. Melati Classic is rich like a spirit, fresh like an apéritif, and stands its ground on the rocks or in elevated cocktails. We love it during a me-moment, meditation break, or celebrating a moment to slow down with friends.

500 ml
0.0% ABV 

To enjoy on the rocks, simply stir Melati Classic with large ice cubes in a rocks glass. Optionally, garnish with an orange peel. 

We love getting creative with Melati mixology—it mixes well with a range of spirits.

Goji and choke berries create a fruity, floral aroma followed by a bittersweet balance of cacao, damiana, and exotic spice on the palate. Look forward to a long dry finish.

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