Sober Curious Bar Non-Alcoholic Starter Bundle

Sober Curious Bar Non-Alcoholic Starter Bundle - Boisson — Brooklyn's Non-Alcoholic Spirits, Beer, Wine, and Home Bar Shop in Cobble Hill
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New to the world of non-alcoholic sips and mixology? This curated selection is complete with gin and bourbon alternatives, mixers, and bitters to get you started on your journey. These tried-and-true picks lend themselves nicely to a variety of cocktails, leaving lots of room for creative mixing and sipping.


  • Pentire - Adrift - Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit
  • Betty Buzz - Non-Alcoholic Tonic Water
  • All The Bitter Bitters
  • Avec - Ginger x4
  • CleanCo W - Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Alternative
  • Roots Divino - Bianco Non-Alcoholic Apéritif