St. Agrestis Amaro Falso

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Introducing the St. Agrestis Non-Alcoholic Amaro Falso, the follow-up to the award-winning Phony Negroni. Created as the non-alcoholic counterpart to the beloved St. Agrestis Amaro, Amaro Falso is made using the same combination of all-natural citrus, botanical, and herbal ingredients found in the spiritous version, sans alcohol. Ready-to-drink and individually portioned, Amaro Falso is similar to an Amaro Highball, driven by nuanced notes of herbal spice, mint, and bitter complexity from gentian root. The result is a refreshing beverage that makes it an ideal cocktail that fans of Italian aperitivi and digestivi expect. Lastly, carbonation and nitrogen have been added to help mimic the bite-and-mouth feel that alcohol typically provides.

How To Enjoy

Enjoy chilled straight from the can or over ice with an orange twist.

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