Ultimate Sober Curious Non-Alcoholic Bundle

Ultimate Sober Curious Non-Alcoholic Bundle - Boisson — Brooklyn's Non-Alcoholic Spirits, Beer, Wine, and Home Bar Shop in Cobble Hill
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All the sips. Our Ultimate Sober Curious Bundle has a bit of everything to carry you through any time of year with a Glass Half-Full.

This kit features beer, wine, functional beverages, and an apéritif—plus everything you need to begin mixing zero-proof cocktails.

Also included: The Dry Challenge. A book packed with a month's worth of activities, reflections, and recipes to guide you on your alcohol-free or alcohol-reduced journey.

  • Pentire - Adrift - Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit
  • Kin Euphorics - High Rhode Social Hour
  • Aplós CALME - Hemp-Infused Spirit
  • Hand on Heart Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Parch - Spicy Piñarita
  • Fever-Tree - Indian Tonic Water
  • All The Bitter - Aromatic Bitters
  • Cheeky Cocktails - Simple Syrup
  • The Dry Challenge: How to Lose the Booze for Dry January, Sober October, and Any Other Alcohol-Free Month

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