Inspired by a diverse liqueur and syrups portfolio, Giffard crafted a new offering, an innovative lineup of Non-Alcoholic Liqueurs. Drawing on five generations of tradition and know-how, using the same fruits and plants that are in Giffard's liqueurs, essential flavors are extracted through traditional maceration techniques using French white wine vinegar. A proprietary process removes the vinegar notes on the nose and palate, while still evoking the sensation associated with sipping alcohol.

What remains is a bright, non-alcoholic liqueur that brings balanced acid, robust aromatics, and a round mouthfeel to any cocktail.

Giffard Non-Alcoholic Elderflower Liqueur - Boisson
Giffard Non-Alcoholic Grapefruit Liqueur - Boisson
Giffard Non-Alcoholic Ginger Liqueur - Boisson
Giffard Non-Alcoholic Pineapple Liqueur - Boisson