Newly Released Products

These are new, but rest assured — we tasted the waters. We source our products from both around the world—including England, Australia, Germany, and Greece — and our NYC backyard. We consistently update our curation, so check back here often to explore what’s new.

Enjoy a different way of drinking dry!

Little Saints Negroni Spritz Non-Alcoholic Cocktail (4 Pack) - Boisson
Little Saints Ginger Mule Non-Alcoholic Cocktail (4 Pack) - Boisson
Little Saints Paloma Non-Alcoholic Cocktail (4 Pack) - Boisson
Giffard Non-Alcoholic Pineapple Liqueur - Boisson
Giffard Non-Alcoholic Ginger Liqueur - Boisson
Giffard Non-Alcoholic Grapefruit Liqueur - Boisson
Giffard Non-Alcoholic Elderflower Liqueur - Boisson
Almave Distilled Ambar Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit - Boisson
Trejo Spirits Zero Proof Tequila Alternative - Boisson
Feragaia, Scotland’s Free Spirit 0.0% ABV - Boisson
Drink Proxies - Gold Crush Sparkling White Wine - Boisson
St. Agrestis Phony Mezcal Negroni - Boisson
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Free AF Vodka Spritz (4 pack) - Boisson
Free AF Paloma (4 pack) - Boisson
Free AF Apero Spritz (4 pack) - Boisson
Kolonne Null Verdejo White Wine 2022 Non-Alcoholic Wine - Boisson
Martini & Rossi Non-Alcoholic Vibrante - Boisson
Martini & Rossi Non-Alcoholic Floreale - Boisson
NKD Distillery Non-Alcoholic Whiskey (750ml) - Boisson
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Sierra Nevada Trail Pass IPA (6 Pack) - Boisson
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Little Saints Spicy Marg Non-Alcoholic Cocktail (4 Pack) - Boisson
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Suntory Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Malt & Hops (6 Pack) - Boisson
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Best Day Brewing Non-Alcoholic Belgian White (6 pack) - Boisson
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Free AF Cuba Libre (4 pack) - Boisson
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Kolonne Null Cuvée Sparkling Blanc Magnum 1.5L Non-Alcoholic Wine - Boisson
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Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge N°03 Edition Le Grand Verdus Non-Alcoholic Wine - Boisson
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