Healing antidotes designed to bring us back to the present moment.

Rasāsvāda Spirit Restoratives are healing antidotes designed to bring us back to the present moment, rather than away from it.
Made with wild-harvested ingredients and inspired by traditional eastern medicine, these spirits are made from over 45 globally-sourced, whole plant ingredients. Each Spirit Restorative presents a dance of aromas, bitterness, and a lingering finish; the palates lend themselves to enjoyment on their own, or in no-and-low cocktails.

Backed by the energy of New York City and informed by the wisdom of age-old healing modalities, Rasāsvāda invites moments of peace and stillness during the in-between moments of everyday life.

0.0% ABV
gluten free
low sugar
low calorie
Not Pregnancy-friendly
What people are saying

"Earthy, complex, and delicious."


"Love it on ice! Smoky and satisfying sipping"


"I enjoy complex flavors which develop over time - this one is amazing. What a unique, distinctive taste!"


"I was a big fan of a variety of amaros and this fit into that category for me. I'm buying another bottle as I'm writing this."

Rasāsvāda - Black Ginger

Non-Alcoholic Aperitif 375ml


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Ourselves being a brand born in NYC, we deeply appreciate all that Rasãsvãda has balanced here that reflects what we love about our city: incredibly sophisticated, motivated for self-betterment, and reverent to age-old wisdoms.

What are "Functional Ingredients'?

Adaptogens, nootropics, botanicals... oh my!