Winter Shipping Policy

Like many beverage retailers, we have to consider ground shipping conditions as we make every attempt to get your package to you quickly. During the winter months, huge swaths of the country can be at or below freezing. Because our products do not contain alcohol, they are even more susceptible to below-freezing temperatures. We closely monitor the weather along with our carrier, UPS, about when we can safely ship your orders to you. Please note that this may result in some shipping delays so we can get your product to you safely. 


Packages being shipped via ground during cold weather include a $2.00 charge to help reduce the chances of product becoming damaged from weather conditions. As an extra layer of protection, we are also adding an $0.80 UPS insurance charge in the event that our cold weather packaging fails to prevent damage to products.  


At Boisson, we believe that being transparent is the best way to keep our customers informed. The last thing we'd want would be for you to open your package and have your entire order damaged or broken due to cold weather.  Should any contents become damaged, please reach out to our team at to have a replacement sent immediately.