Cheeky Cocktails - Cranberry Syrup 16 oz

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Made with 100% Cranberry Juice and real lemon zest, Cheeky's Cranberry Lemon syrup captures the citrusy sparkle and tart cranberry of the classically adored Cosmopolitan. But it shouldn’t stop there, this syrup pairs beautifully with both lemon or lime juice and a variety of spirits. Try your Cosmo with Cranberry Syrup, lemon juice, and Whisk(e)y, or go classic and pair with Lime Juice and Vodka!

Like all of their products, this syrup is shelf stable when unopened, but we’d recommend using it within a year of purchase for the best flavor. Cheeky's Cranberry Lemon syrup will last for about a month after opening if kept refrigerated. Always refrigerate after opening.

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Product Size:

473ml | 16oz