For Bitter For Worse Non-Alcoholic The Saskatoon

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For Bitter For Worse was created by a couple with a long marriage, a shared love language around drinks, and a hunch for mixing flavors. As a values-led brand, For Bitter For Worse keeps inclusivity, activism, and deep inner wellness at the heart of everything they do. The Saskatoon is a food-friendly, delightfully herbaceous serve with flavors of berry, bitter botanicals, and Douglas fir tips. The bitter notes are balanced with fruit notes, but it’s not quite as sweet as a Negroni. Proprietary blends of herbs and botanicals are macerated to extract flavor before alcohol is removed to create a spirit-like foundation for mixing with carefully selected Pacific Northwest ingredients. To make a good thing better, FBFW is also free from added flavors, has a low glycemic index, and is packed with organic ingredients. The only sweeteners used are pure monk fruit, wine grape nectar, or maple syrup. Enjoy The Saskatoon as you would a red wine—we love experimenting with food pairings here. FBFW recommends classic red pairings: think cheeses and charcuterie, savory entrées, and tapas. We love settling in with a glass to unwind, slow down, and catch up over a long meal.

How To Enjoy

Simply pour and enjoy in your favorite wine or rocks glass. Garnish with a fresh herb, blueberries, or try your hand at a creative cocktail!

Alcohol by Volume:

  • Less than 0.5%


  • No

Product Size:

750ml | 25.4oz