The Pathfinder Non-Alcoholic Hemp-Infused Spirit

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As mysterious as it is inimitable, The Pathfinder is a first-of-its kind non-alcoholic spirit. Made with a nod to the days of apothecaries, homemade remedies, and the pioneering of the American West, the spirit feels like a treasure from the past, though it's a completely modern take in the zero-proof world.

Made using copper pot distillation, fermented hemp is blended with botanicals, distillates, extracts, tinctures, and oils for a mood-boosting, balancing effect. The final result can hardly be compared with any other non-alcoholic spirit—it's complex, versatile, and can lean bitter or sweet depending on the serve.

How To Enjoy

Enjoy The Pathfinder as you would any spirit: it can be taken as a shot, sipped neat, served on the rocks, or mixed into creative cocktails.

Our favorite take is The Pathfinder Joe—a coffee-style cocktail with a soothing effect:

  1. Chill your favorite glass
  2. Rim the glass with honey and coffee grinds for a garnish
  3. Pour The Pathfinder & 1 cup of coffee or espresso over ice (option to serve warm in a mug!)
  4. Add cream & sugar to taste—cheers!

Alcohol by Volume:

  • Less than 0.5%


Product Size:

700ml | 23.7oz

The Pathfinder Non-Alcoholic Hemp-Infused Spirit

The Pathfinder Hemp and Root is inspired by the apothecarial mysteries of Old West snake oil salesmen, alternative medicine, and the supernatural marvels that go hand-in-hand with them. The resulting liquid is equally wild and enigmatic, leading our drinkers to new realms of flavor both tangible and surreal. With an eye to the future of drinks and a thirst for progress in booze-free spirits, Hemp and Root hearkens to a bygone age while raising the standard of flavor and quality in non-alcoholic spirits.

It debuted at the bar Life on Mars in the counter-cultural epicenter of Seattle, the Capitol Hill neighborhood, in 2021. It soon became a local darling, and certainly no small affair between the bartenders and shopkeepers in the area, due to its unrivaled flavor and wondrous versatility in cocktails. Within no time, this miraculous elixir could be found at leading bars like Zig Zag, Rob Roy, Trick Dog, Death & Company, and Amor Y Amargo, and retail sales were fast outpacing production, which led the New York Post to declare ‘The Pathfinder has become the Pappy Van Winkle of the non-alcoholic drinks world,’ because of its scarcity and cult following.

If good fortune guides you to this extraordinary treasure in the wild, we implore you to give it a taste and join us on our journey to cocktail enlightenment. May the trails you blaze be fervently delicious.