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15 Day Fix: Reset Your Life After Holiday Indulgence

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The twelve days of quismoiss are over. Christmas trees are thrown off on the sidewalks, neglected and miserable, waiting to be turned into mulch. A sobering contrast to the bonhomie of the holiday season, its epilogue which we so hoped would be a powerful beginning. Your goals, your resolutions — all evaporated too fast, leaving you one on one with the routine, gray, familiar, and uninspiring. Where are they now? Where Are They Now? asks Steve Cutts, the director of the eponymous short film featuring quite a couple: obese Jessica Rabbit and drunken Roger Rabbit, facing reality long after the prime of their heyday. Garfield wasn’t spared either — he gained unhealthy weight and cannot even move without help. Doesn’t it look familiar?.. Whatever note you ended celebrations on, you’re not alone. At Boisson, we’re human, too: our mind and bodies are stressed and begging for post-holiday reset. 

To resurrect our hopes and revive our wholesome selves, we made this 15-day-post-holiday-reset-plan to combat and reverse whatever you have done so far. Actionable and feasible, it will allow us all to regain power and tame the wayward tide of life. Great thing about it — the dates in it are not set in stone, as instead of Dry January, we’re opting for Damp January — its more chill relative who’s not a control freak. We chose to look for opportunities, not limitations, and obviously no one needs another share of stress. We’ve clearly had enough from having spent the holidays with our families. Start the cleanse today, tomorrow, or whenever you’d like — just make sure it’s still somewhere in January. 

Here’s the list of drinks you’ll need to get back to human. You’ll quite likely finish some of these much sooner, and this is just the base menu that you can customize to suit your tastes. Like with healthy eating, it’s easier not to mess up your mindful drinking resolution if you’re on a schedule that ensures you’ll certainly have a drink. You asked for a sign — don’t mark it as spam. 


The List Of Drinks For Your 15 Day Fix: 

Surely Bubbly Red Wine 4-Pack 

Free Spirits – The Spirit of Milano or Free Spirits – The Spirit of Bourbon 

Ghia – Le Spritz Lime and Salt 4-Pack 

Ghia – Signature NA Aperitif 

Aplos Arise 

Muri Bundle 

*Muri’s also sold separately, shop according to your preferences:

Muri – Non-Alcoholic Nuala Red 

Muri – Non-Alcoholic Yamilé Sparkling Rosé 

Muri – Non-Alcoholic Passing Clouds 

Three Spirit - Nightcap - Non-Alcoholic Apéritif 

Three Spirit - Livener - Non-Alcoholic Apéritif  

AVEC – Spiced Mango and Passionfruit 4-pack 

Kin Euphorics – Kin Bloom 4-pack 

Curious Elixir #2 - Non-Alcoholic Ready-to-Drink Cocktail (1 can) 

Blind Tiger - Sidecar Non-Alcoholic Cocktail (1 can)

Caliwater Prickly Pear (1 can) 


The 15 Day Fix

Day 1 

am: Arise Aplos 

pm: Surely Bubbly Red 


Day 2 

am: Ghia Salt & Lime Le Spritz 

pm: Free Spirits — Spirit of Milano or Spirit of Bourbon 


Day 3 

am: Kin Euphorics — Kin Bloom 

pm: Muri Nuala Red 


Day 4  

am: Muri - Non-Alcoholic Passing Clouds (Start your morning with champagne. V. chic) 

pm: Red Three Spirit — Nightcap


Day 5 

am: Avec Spiced Mango 

pm: Ghia Aperitif


Day 6 

am: Surely — Bubbly Red 

pm: Free Spirits — Spirit of Milano or Spirit of Bourbon


Day 7 

am: Aplos Arise 

pm: Muri — Nuala Red


Day 8  

am: Three Spirit Livener & Kin Euphorics 

pm: Surely Bubbly  


Day 9

am: Avec Spiced Mango

pm: Three Spirit — Nightcap


Day 10  

am: Kin Euphorics — Kin Bloom

pm: Curious Elixir #2 - Non-Alcoholic Ready-to-Drink Cocktail 


Day 11 

am: Caliwater Prickly Pear 

pm: Muri — Yamilé Sparkling Rosé


Day 12  

am: Kin Euphorics — Kin Bloom 

pm: Ghia Aperitif 


Day 13  

am: Blind Tiger - Sidecar Non-Alcoholic Cocktail 

pm: Spirit of Milano or Spirit of Bourbon 


Day 14 

am: Ghia Salt & Lime Le Spritz 

pm: Three Spirit — Nightcap


Day 15 

am: Aplos Arise 

pm: Ghia Aperitif

Done! You’re as good as new. Share this with your friends, but only with the ones you like: after the reset, they might live longer. 

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