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A recipe for Success-ion: which drinks would represent the Characters?

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One of the best shows about politics and power, Succession, is coming to an end, and we couldn’t help but notice that it involves a great deal of imbibing. To celebrate the show’s grand finale, we’ve paired its characters with some of our signature non-alcoholic drinks. From Ken to Roman, Shiv, and Con, we found a sober sip for every sib. Stock up on these booze-free beauties to raise a toast to the highly anticipated closing episode and not zone out even for a second

Logan: Spiritless Kentucky 74 Non-Alcoholic Bourbon  

Well, spiritless he is. Perhaps, if they had Logan’s favorite tipple on the plane, that’d incentivize him to stay alive stronger than listening to his children’s parting words over the phone, but alas, they didn’t, and the media mogul passed away mid-flight. For us, lucky ones still enjoying our earthly lives, The Spiritless Kentucky 74 is a solid whiskey alternative to honor him. With all the familiar notes and warm finish of a Kentucky whiskey, The Spiritless Kentucky 74 makes for an effortless bourbon substitute in classic cocktail recipes. Classic notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak are accompanied by a bit of spice and a high quality, smooth finish making for a robust, elegant take on a quintessential American spirit. While you can enjoy this spirit any way you'd like, Spiritless notes that it shines brightest in classic whiskey recipes like an Old Fashioned, a Whiskey Sour, or a Manhattan. 

Cousin Greg: Curious Elixir #2  

‘And so then, maybe the natural conclusion might perhaps be, I'd be his number two.’ Logan’s cousin’s reaction to the news that his name was on Logan’s will is just charmingly Greg. As curious as Greg himself is, the Curious Elixir No. 2 is the spicy lovechild of the pineapple margarita and the Dark Stormy. While citrus, ancho chile, jalapeño, and ginger wake up your taste buds, the ancient Mayan herb damiana will help you unwind— a unity of opposites, exactly like the character. Enjoy on the rocks with a lime wedge and optional sea salt rim. 

Roman: Ghia Signature Non-Alcoholic Apéritif 

Given Roman’s naughty and resourceful character, he would’ve likely appreciated the new playful design of Ghia’s signature non-alc aperitivo. Born on the coasts of France and Italy, the classic non-alcoholic Apéritif is a bold combination of botanicals that kickstart the appetite and the conversation—can you imagine Roman ever being silent? Light and dry, an apéritif is perfect for slow-sipping and fast-talking, a drink that takes friends from sunset to sunrise. Vibrant, fresh and satisfyingly bitter, it tastes like summer on the rocks. With its potent plants, heady herbals, and blithe botanicals, there’s nothing to buzz you or to make you snooze. 

Shiv: Gin ISH & Tonic Cocktail 4-Pack Bundle


Shiv is the only daughter of Logan Roy and is often seen as the most level-headed member of the family. She is intelligent, sharp, and has a keen eye for business. The gin and tonic perfectly represents her character, as it is a classic and sophisticated drink. GinISH & Tonic was created to bring this infinitely refreshing classic to those looking to drink mindfully. Your first taste is full of the juniper berries, woody character, and citrus you expect. The balance of sweet and bitter adds depth and complexity. Enjoy over ice garnished with fresh rosemary or simply straight from the can.

Lukas: Hella Bloody Mary Cocktail Mixer 

Only god—or rather devil—knows how Lukas came up with one of the most ridiculous courting tactics ever, but sending packs of his frozen blood to Ebba seemed like a romantic move to the CEO of GoJo. No matter how this hellish idea came about though, we reckon that sending her Bloody Mary mixers by Hella could’ve worked much better. Made with real horseradish, red pepper extract, lemon, and black pepper, it’s low in sugar and delivers all the fresh flavors of a homemade version. Whether you’re looking for last night’s remedy or in pursuit of a spicy pick-me-up, this formula is everything you want in a Bloody Mary Mix and nothing you don’t (read—someone’s DNA).

Kendall: Three Spirit Livener 

Always up for an upper, Ken would be fascinated by the Three Spirit Livener aperitif. The Livener is a big, bold elixir made to energize, refresh and prime you for the night—the only difference is that unlike Ken’s favorite aid it won’t make you feel embarrassed after. Fueled by its natural caffeine content, the energy boost is as real as it is clean and natural. Juicy red fruits complement active plant compounds to invigorate the body and mind. Infused with guayusa—a sustainable, magical source of caffeine sourced from the Amazon Rainforest—mixed with the L-Theanine found in green tea to pack an energizing punch without the crash. The Siberian, adaptogenic berry schisandra gives a feeling of balanced euphoria and blends well with the fruity flavors of watermelon and hibiscus. With its exotic ingredients, this spirit turns up the heat and inspires the brightest, most energetic version of you. 


Tom: Töst Rosé Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage 

Now, after Logan passed away, Tom’s literally toast. His rich life rife with watches, suits, and pricey nice things, as he confides in Shiv, means very much to him. Dubbed ‘bubbly for those who are forgoing bubbly’ in one of their customer testimonials, TÖST is a definition of such things. Equally as satisfying as a daily refreshment as it is paired with fine dining, TÖST goes beyond the celebratory occasion and reaches every occasion when the consumer is looking for a substantive beverage that is alcohol-free, yet all natural, low calorie, and meaningful. Whether serving at a large gathering or sharing a bottle at home, having chilled bottles of TÖST makes everyone feel a part of the occasion. It’s not overly sweet: when you open a bottle, you're greeted by a subtle effervescence and hints of crisp citrus with a refreshingly dry finish. 


Bridget: French Bloom 6 Bottle Celebration Bundle 

Still wondering what Greg’s date carried in that camping bag? We got the answer. Although dubbed Bridget Randomf-k, in fact, she was actually the only one who came to Logan’s VIP-only birthday party with a gift—the French Bloom Sparkling Celebration Bundle. Sourced from certified organic vineyards in the South of France, French Bloom pairs the best of French wine with an art de vivre, celebrating the fact that a night off alcohol does not necessarily mean a night in. Celebrate ordinary and special moments with three bottles each of French Bloom’s elegant Le Rosé and refreshing Le Blanc. Unfortunately, Logan is already dead, but there’s so many media tycoons at Waystar Royco—so make sure to stock up in advance. 

Marcia: All the Bitter Classic Bitters Travel Pack 

All The Bitter are classically inspired, alcohol free cocktail bitters that lift your spirits, just like they lifted Marcia in the air and made her fly to NY as soon as she found out about Logan’s death and there was a promise of inheriting some money. Perfectly palatable in small doses, she can be ruthless and overwhelming when there’s too much of her—but such is the burden of having a strong personality. The classic alcohol-free cocktail Travel Pack kit contains three bottles in a beautiful gift box, allowing for a way to try All The Bitter’s entire range. Featuring the orange, aromatic, and New Orleans style flavors, it makes for a great gift and is both airplane and purse friendly: as you could’ve noticed, Marcia was quite quick—she definitely had no issues with her flight. Shop now to bring exceptional flavor and functional benefit with you wherever you go. 


Con and Willa: Seedlip Spice 94 + Avec Spiced Mango & Passion Fruit Bundle 


One of the most chaotic of the show’s ceremonies, aka the wedding of Connor to his hesitant life partner Willa, is yet another proof: Willa livens up Connor, and he can’t do without her. Similarly, Seedlip's complex and lightly nuanced non-alcoholic spirits are meant to always be used as a base to cocktails and never drank neat. Willa, on the other hand, is self-sufficient and is ‘happy’ with Con but is perfectly fine on her own as well—exactly like AVEC’s mixers. French for “with,” AVEC can be mixed with your favorite spirit or sipped solo as a non-alcoholic libation: however and whenever you drink, it has been made to drink with you. With a focus on creating lighter, healthier mixers, this blend is made with all-natural ingredients and real botanicals. The Spiced Mango and Passionfruit variety is a bubbly, tropical mixer with an intriguing dash of almond and unexpected, warm notes of spiced chili. It’s also a party-proof mix: there’s no need for juicing mangos and sourcing passion fruit for cocktails—but your guests would never know the difference. Mixed together, these two make for a refreshing couple—and a perfect sip any time or place. 

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