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AVEC x Seedlip Cocktail Mixing Guide to Shake Things Up After Holidays

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It’s the middle of Dry (or Damp) January — the month we appointed with the massive task of changing our lives for the best — and you might already feel stuck in the middle. When making a mocktail at home, intuitively it feels like it should take you a ton of effort, be it wading through a 3-page long recipe, doing week-long shopping for the weirdest ingredients, or pretending to not notice a pile of dirty barware and utensils, judgmentally looking at you from the sink for several days after.  We don’t mean to add another worry to your plate — the cocktails in this guide are thoughtful yet simple, like all the best things in life. 

We’re looking at a powerful mix of two brands — Seedlip and AVEC. Seedlip’s a true veteran in the arena of non-alc spirits. Their first release, Seedlip Spice 94, was captivating and sold out immediately. As Seedlip is not mimicking an existing full-proof spirit, experimentation with mixers is part of the fun. The reason we love mixing with AVEC, a Brooklyn-born, all-natural sparkling beverage is that AVEC’s unique flavors like Jalapeño and Blood Orange have less than 7 grams of sugar and are made without harmful ingredients, which makes them a perfect partner for a clean spirit like Seedlip.

General Recipe:

Pour 2 oz. Seedlip over ice. Mix with AVEC and garnish with citrus, if you’re feeling fancy (we know you are). 

The Sunny One: Seedlip Garden 108 x AVEC Yuzu & Lime

Seedlip Garden 108 with AVEC Yuzu & Lime. A zero sugar, zero calories, zero nasties cocktail. Light, citrusy, bright, and refreshing. Works as a natural detox, so drink as much as you can – just make sure there’s a bathroom around. 

The Spicy One: Seedlip Grove 42 x AVEC Jalepeño & Blood Orange

Seedlip Grove 42 x AVEC Jalapeño & Blood Orange.  A fresh take on the spicy Margarita, this cocktail’s made for day drinking. Think tailgates and happy hour, brunch to sundown, and you can pull it off right in the office. 

The Beachy One: Seedlip Spice 94 x AVEC Spiced Mango & Passionfruit

Seedlip Spice 94 x AVEC Spiced Mango and Passion Fruit. This is our winter spice fave, as the tropical notes in AVEC take us to the beach in spirit. Close your eyes and imagine you’re in your favorite hotel on the French Riviera or wherever your heart desires. Some call it escapism, but we know, it’s visualization. You’ll thank us later.   


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