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Boisson Blanc: The Newest NA Wine from Boisson & Leitz

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Are you ready to Rock? We hope you are because we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Boisson Blanc – our first proprietary white wine available exclusively online and at our Rockefeller Center location

Boisson Blanc is a dealcoholized wine which was born out of a collaboration with one of Germany’s greatest winemakers and our longtime, reputable purveyor, Leitz. A full-volume blend of Muller-Thurgau and Airén varieties, Boisson Blanc balances citric aromas and rich, fruit notes with a crisp, engaging acidity, becoming a signature sip for any occasion. 

We believe that Leitz produces some of the best alcohol-free wines on the market, so when we set out to create our own NA wine, Leitz seemed like a natural fit for the debut. Recognized by wine connoisseurs, Michelin-starred European chefs, and our own customers alike, Leitz proves their reputation of being one of Rheingau’s top wineries that consistently ranks near the top of ‘the best non-alcoholic wine lists. 


How Boisson x Leitz Collab Came About  

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When Johannes, whose family has winemaking links running back to the 18th century, found out he had a heart condition, he realized that he couldn’t drink his own wines anymore. A researcher and professional devoted to his craft, Johannes didn’t let that discourage him and instead saw an opportunity in his health. Eventually, it drove him to develop some of the best non-alcoholic wines we’ve sipped to date. With his extensive experience and knowledge of the unique wine-making principles inherited from his family, Johannes carefully applied his gifted skills to the production of the Boisson Blanc wine. 

Boisson Blanc: The Brainchild of Innovation  

Boisson Blanc is a collaboration from the beginning: from the chefs who demanded the wine, to the growers who harvested the grapes, to Johannes at the fermentation tank, and finally the innovative distillers working with him to retain the very spirit of the wine.

The innovative wine-maker was uniquely positioned to develop this technology with the local distillers to perfect wine which retains its vinous character even after alcohol is removed. From growing and sourcing, to the delicate process of wine-making itself, Johannes supervised all stages of the process and helped advance the quality of non-alcoholic wine making in Germany and now in the US. 


Here’s what Johannes Leitz said of our collaboration: 


“I am particularly excited to have created the Boisson Blanc with the Boisson Johannes leitz team. After our tastings together in Germany, I knew we had a partner in Boisson as dedicated to the wines as I am as a winemaker, and who would help introduce my wines to more consumers in the US than ever before. We feel that we are just beginning to scratch the surface of quality for dealcoholized wine, from both the quality standpoint and the diversity of type and origin. I am elated to work with a partner in the US who will easily keep pace with the innovation, and in fact, contribute to it.” — Johannes Leitz. 

We’re touched by those words and immensely proud of the fact that such an incredible vineyard as Weingut Leitz would collaborate with Boisson to create a proprietary blend and support our innovative and forward-thinking approach to curating the best non-alcoholic options. With no false modesty we can say that Boisson Blanc is a wine created by innovators, from vineyard to table.


About the Wine: Boisson Blanc 

Boisson Blanc is a blend of multiple white varieties grown in Germany and Spain, including Muller-Thurgau and Airén, all sourced specifically for their characteristics conducive to non-alcoholic wine preparation. Of particular importance is the natural acidity and tartness which pairs nicely with the fruitiness in the finished wine.

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A successful non-alcoholic wine cannot be bone dry, and the total absence of alcohol requires a balancing richness of fruit juxtaposed by crisp acidity. Boisson Blanc was blended specifically to achieve this delicate balance. 

Our new wine boasts a bright, citric aroma and juiciness that works both as a refreshing apéritif and a worthy accompaniment throughout the meal. In terms of food pairings, the bright acidity and richness of fruit pair beautifully with all manner of foods, but especially well complements cuisines with tempura, aromatic or heat spices, fish, and white meat. The clean flavors go well with sushi, and the absence of alcohol makes for a successful partner to extra spicy foods as well. 

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