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Everything You Need to Know About Hemp-Infused Beverages

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Interested in CBD-spiked drinks but not sure what you’re getting yourself into? Hemp-infused and CBD beverages have become one of the latest trends in mixology. Although CBD is still a controlled substance and can’t be added to alcoholic drinks, the alcohol-free drink scene is full of hemp-infused, nonalcoholic cocktails.

Want to learn more? Here is what you need to know.

Will it make me high?

Let’s get the most serious question out of the way first. CBD will never have the same effects as marijuana. It’s impossible to get high from CBD or hemp because there are no psychoactive properties in them.

CBD is an extract from either the cannabis or hemp plant. Unlike its cousin, THC, it’s not addictive and won’t get you high. This is according to numerous studies and the World Health Organization.

What’s the difference between CBD, hemp, and marijuana? 

Aplos is hemp infused and citrus led in flavor

Hemp is a plant with a high concentration of CBD and a low concentration of THC. Marijuana is the opposite. CBD extracts are made from either plant – although most often from hemp – and are tested for trace amounts of THC.

In the beverage world, hemp and CBD oils are used interchangeably, having similar effects.

Studies show that CBD might ease chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and cause a calming effect. The product is a proven epilepsy medication. For some people consuming hemp products, they’ll notice an improvement. For others, no results will be apparent.

CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids in hemp, though.

Cannabinoids and Spectrum

Our body has an endocannabinoid system that helps maintain our immune, digestive, and central nervous system. When we’re deficient in naturally-produced endocannabinoids, side effects can result. That’s where CBD-infused products come in. 

Full-spectrum CBD products include more than 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids (the healthy anti-inflammatories found in red wine and black tea). It also contains small amounts of THC – but not enough to make you high.

Broad-spectrum contains many different compounds as well but with zero or trace amounts of THC.

Our Favorite Hemp-Infused Beverages

Flyers Cocktail Co sparkling cbd Tokyo Marg

Curious to try CBD and Hemp-Infused beverages? Here are some of our favorites on the market today.

Flyers Cocktail Co - Sparkling Cannabis Cocktails

Flyers Cocktail Co are made with full spectrum hemp that cleverly use the flavor of the hemp itself as component to create a very balanced flavor profile based on classic cocktails such as the margarita.

Jeng - Non-Alcoholic Hemp Infused Sparkling Cocktail

Jeng imitates the flavors of your favorite cocktail with the added touch of 11 mg of hemp extract. Sip on their Moscow Mule, Paloma, or Jeng and Tonic without needing to worry about a hangover the next day.

Aplós - Hemp-infused Nonalcoholic Spirit

Formulated in collaboration with James Beard honoree and master mixologist, Lynnette Marrero, Aplós is citrus-led, bold and nuanced, with notes of ginger and rosemary and uses 20 mg of broad-spectrum hemp per 2oz serving.

Dram - Adaptogenic CBD Sparkling Water

Dram’s CBD line has several drink flavors to try out. Each includes 25 mg Broad Spectrum CBD in a can. It’s an invigorating drink that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

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