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Fall Favorites: The Best Non-Alcoholic Wines for the Season

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Fall Favorites: The Best Non-Alcoholic Wines for the Season


When the echoes of summer fade, the crisp air rolls in, and it feels like time for a fresh start, the change of seasons can inspire a revitalized pace of life. Between the back-to-school rush, new routines, and holiday prep, things may feel new and exciting, or even slightly overwhelming. The thought of a hangover simply doesn’t fit the times.


So, in lieu of the beloved happy hour rosé or evening red paired with tomorrow’s misery, we’d like to offer you alcohol-free versions of your favorite wines—and an opportunity to rest amidst the hustle of the season. Yes, rest! Mindfully and fully, with a glass of non-alcoholic wine (or two—they’re alcohol-free, after all).

Misty Cliffs: Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot

Hailing from the premier South African region of Stellenbosch comes the Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot by Misty Cliffs. Enjoy with meat & tomato-based dishes. This smooth and balanced serve has a beautiful tannin structure that is impressive to find in non-alcoholic red wines.

A ruby red hue the nose presents cherry and blackcurrant from the Cabernet Sauvignon, with hints of mulberry from the Merlot.  Misty Cliffs is smooth, balanced, and perfect for keeping on hand this fall.  


Kolonne Null: Riesling 2022

Kolonne Null brings a distinct approach to the world of non-alcoholic wine from Berlin. Rather than being produced as an afterthought, their wines are fermented with dealcoholization in mind. As beautiful in the glass as it is in the bottle, this alcohol-free Riesling is a perfectly refreshing fall white.


Here is your light golden serve for the season. A fine fruit bouquet precedes a palate of noble herbs, light green notes, and a bit of minerality. Enjoy this one with seafood, vegetables, and sweet desserts. Tiramisu and non-alcoholic Riesling sound like the perfect pair.


Sovi: Red Wine Blend

Our favorite on-the-go canned wine is all bottled up! Enjoy Sovi Non-Alcoholic Red Wine Blend from your favorite glassware. This is the perfect sip for tailgates, crisp evening walks, or warmer autumn days spent outside. If you love a chilled red, this is a great one to keep on-hand.


As for the palate…the Sovi Red has all the structure, body, and bold flavor of a full-strength red wine.  It’s a savory, dry blend with notes of Boysenberry, plum, cassis, and warm spice upheld by supple tannins and enriched by oaky French and American barrels. This blend pairs generously with food, and we love it alongside a jam-packed charcuterie board. Cheers to a convenient yet complex serve.



Oceano Pinot Noir

Speaking of freshening things up in the fall, meet our ultra-premium serve of the season, Oceano Zero. This non-alcoholic Pinot Noir comes from a seaside town in California’s AVA region, where the coastal spirit meets meticulous winemaking at Spanish Springs Vineyard: a precious piece of land brought to life by cool ocean breezes, coastal fog, and seafront soils. This one is sustainably made and spectacular in the glass—light to medium bodied with a red fruit palate, bright acidity, and a long finish.


If you’re looking to add some luxury to your life, this is your bottle. Oceano Zero was made to bring a truly upscale experience to the NA world. Don’t miss our Q&A with the founder, Rachel Martin, for an inspiring look behind the brand and wine.

Long gone are the days of struggling to find a non-alcoholic wine to suit even the most discerning of palates. So, enjoy a season of fresh air, delicious food pairings, and let the benefits of non-alcoholic wine replace the hangovers of yesteryear.


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