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Food Pairings by Proxies: What to Enjoy with Each Expression

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The beauty of wine proxies is the way they lend themselves to food. Designed specifically for enjoyment with great meals and fine stemware, Proxies make the perfect companion to your favorite bites. The question is—what to pair? To share the delight we’ve found in these flawless pairings by Proxies, enjoy the roundup of recommendations for their latest collection of expressions. 

Know that Proxies are not meant to taste or feel just like wine; they’re wholly unique unto themselves, adding layers of depth, surprise, and delight to the drinking experience. What you’ll find instead is an unmatched experience of fruit, acidity, spice, and body—once you’ve had a sip, it’s hard to go back. It's why Proxies are poured at some of America's top restaurants, including The French Laundry, Atelier Crenn, Alinea and Manhatta.

With a white, pink, and two red expressions to try, each wax-sealed bottle has something special to bring to the table. 



Proxies Blanc Slate at

This crisp, white serve brings fresh, spicy foods to life. Enjoy it alongside just-caught seafood, spicy dishes, soft cheese (goat is recommended), or grilled vegetables. 

For a quick happy hour refresh, try briny olives (one is never enough) or a jam-packed charcuterie board. Blanc Slate’s palate begins with zesty citrus and stone fruit before leaving a hint of chili spice on the finish. It’s the kind of lip-puckering sip we come back to over and over again.


Proxies Red Ember at

As if we needed an excuse to eat more cheese. Enjoy Red Ember with harder, aged options like cheddar or parmesan. These may even be a little friendlier for our lactose-sensitive but cheese-loving friends. For heartier meals, a bold palate of dark fruit, coffee, black pepper, and cayenne lends itself well to meaty dishes and stews: steak, pasta al forno, or homemade crockpot recipes. 

If cooking isn’t on the agenda,  pizza is always a good idea.


Shop Proxys Red Clay at

Red Clay is the perfect plus one. Confidently pair it with barbecue food or serve it to guests with your finest charcuterie—it can do both. For a large gathering, have a few bottles on hand and get creative with a beautiful harvest board: prosciutto, hard salami, dried fruits, a mixture of orange and white cheeses, and your favorite crackers and herbs.

Proxies recommends roast duck and wild mushrooms, too. We’re dreaming of a duck and mushroom ragu over tagliatelle, please. 


Proxies Pink Salt at

If only the South of France were closer. Pink Salt’s citrus-forward palate with a hint of salt and Sichuan peppercorn is exactly what golden hour calls for. Pair it with the same dreamy meals you’d enjoy on a tour from Provence to the Italian Riviera: light pesto pastas, oysters by the dozen, grilled sea bass, ratatouille, or a simple focaccia at happy hour. 

It’s not a rosé, nor is it a simple juice—Pink Salt has us blushing with its unexpected layers of complexity.

With that, bon appetit & cheers!

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