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7 Reasons to Try Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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When you first discover the world of non-alcoholic beverages, you may think to yourself - what’s the point? It’s fair to be skeptical - but after we share the top 7 reasons to try non-alcoholic beverages, we’re confident you’ll have a change of heart.

What if you could enjoy social events with your friends and never have to worry about how you’re getting home? What if you could enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up with no brain fog, hangovers, or regret? All of this is possible - when you swap out liquor for an alcohol-free alternative. Not to mention these beverages taste incredible, and you can still partake in the age-old tradition of enjoying a few drinks with everyone. These are just a few of the many reasons you should try non alcoholic cocktails, beer, or wine. We’re not going to hold you in suspense any longer - let’s dive in!

Why You Should Try Non-Alcoholic Beverages: 7 Reasons

While we’re going to share the top 7 reasons to try non alcoholic beer, wine, or spirits, there are plenty of others. However, we feel that these are the most enticing reasons to take a chance on something you may have never known existed until just now. Let’s start with our personal favorite - never worrying about how you’re getting home safely.

Never Worry About How You’re Getting Home Again

Picture this - your workplace buddies invited you out for some after-work drinks. You reluctantly agree, thinking you’ll have just one drink - two at the very most - and then you’ll head home. Your second drink turns into a third, and three into four. Before you know it, you’ve had too much to drink to safely drive home. You’re stuck calling an Uber, a friend, or risking a DUI. What if there was a way to enjoy drinks with friends without stressing over how you’re getting home?

That’s one of the main benefits of non-alcoholic beverages. You can have as many as you want - and nobody has to take your keys away from you. No need to fight over who will DD, no need to split an uber - just excuse yourself politely while everyone else figures out how they’re getting home. Or, if you’re feeling up for it - offer to drop them off! This is an incredibly liberating feeling, knowing you’re not inhibited from getting behind the wheel at any given time.

Say Goodbye To Lost Productivity & Brain Fog!

Let’s face it - we all enjoy a mid-day cocktail every now and then. Especially when you’re out with friends or coworkers for a quick lunch before getting back to work. But it can be seemingly impossible to refocus after just one drink. Even if you don’t feel intoxicated - alcohol can really impact your focus and contribute to brain fog for the rest of your day.

Instead of ordering a jack and coke, your favorite IPA, or any other alcohol-laden drink, mix up something alcohol-free. You’ll be able to blast through the rest of your workday with great productivity while others write the day off and watch YouTube until the clock hits 5 pm.

Make Hangovers A Thing Of The Past

Sometimes, that brain fog and inability to focus doesn’t just affect you after a drink or two during the day. If you have even just a few drinks before bed, you’ll wake up the next morning with that same loss in productivity. Or worse - a full-blown hangover. Everyone’s favorite reminder they drank too much!

Hangover symptoms can range from headaches to nausea and vomiting, weakness, brain fog, anxiety, and much more. On the weekend, you find yourself wasting your day off laying around doing nothing when you could be enjoying time outdoors or working on projects around the house. During the week, hangovers are even worse because you have to wake up so early and can’t afford to “sleep it off”. 

As a society, we’ve accepted hangovers as a part of life. You can’t say no to drinks with friends and family so you just deal with the consequences the next day - right? Sure, you can keep living life that way. Or, you can decide to change the narrative for yourself with non alcoholic beverages. While everyone else puts themselves closer and closer to next-day misery with each additional drink, you’ll wake up pain-free and with none of the miserable symptoms we outlined above!

Enjoy A Good Night’s Sleep - Every Night

Speaking of waking up refreshed, another reason to replace alcohol with an alcohol-free alternative is that you can enjoy deep, restful sleep every night. Alcohol can greatly impact your sleep. In fact, it’s detrimental to you getting your full 8 hours. Sure - sometimes, you get so drunk that you forget passing out and wake up the next day wondering what happened to you.

While you may feel as if you were knocked out for 8 hours, you didn’t get quality sleep. That’s because the alcohol prevents you from reaching REM sleep - where you actually get the restorative benefits that sleep produces. These effects aren’t always limited to the night of drinking, either. If you drink a few nights a week, the alcohol can affect your sleep every night - even on nights you don’t have a sip of alcohol.

With an alcohol-free alternative, you can drink as many cocktails, beers, or glasses of wine as you’d like and still get to sleep at a reasonable hour and reach REM sleep. You’ll wake up the next morning feeling like a whole new person.

You’ll Transform Your Physical & Mental Health For The Better

This should go without saying - but alcohol can really take a toll on your physical health. You’re far more likely to skip the gym in favor of the couch on those days you wake up hungover. And instead of preparing a healthy meal, you’ll likely order fast food or snack away all day in hopes of beating the hangover. This lifestyle will inevitably result in poor physical health over time. And we aren’t even taking into account the calorie consequences of a night of drinking.

But what many people may not realize is the mental toll alcohol can take on people. There is a link between consistent alcohol intake and poor mental health. Sure - a drink after work or before a big date can really calm your mind and anxious feelings. But over time, those drinks add up to work against your mental health. That is because alcohol interferes with chemicals in the brain that affects our feelings, thoughts, and actions. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and other forms of mental illness. 

By replacing alcohol altogether, you can start to build your physical and mental health to levels you never thought were possible. You’ll feel better physically and you’ll find yourself thinking more clearly and being more present.

Non Alcoholic Beverages Taste Amazing!

Here is one you may not have thought about - non alcoholic beverages taste amazing! It’s true that alcohol is an acquired taste. This is true of beer, liquor, and wine. And once you’ve acquired that taste, you will inevitably find yourself craving a cocktail, beer, or wine every now and then. You can satisfy these cravings without the negative effects of alcohol by crafting non alcoholic cocktails, uncorking some alcohol-free wine, or cracking open a non alcoholic beer.

And once you’ve tasted these for yourself, you’ll agree - they are delicious. In fact, we see many people report that these alcohol-free variants taste better than their predecessors. Why? They allow you to experience the full flavor notes without the hot, biting sensation of alcohol. This is especially true in alcohol free spirits.

Enjoy Social Settings Without Feeling Awkward

The main reason most people ultimately end up pulling the trigger on alcohol-free beverages is because of this one. You know that alcohol is bad for you - and you want to live a sober life to enjoy all these benefits we’ve listed above. But, you don’t want to feel awkward or out of place in social settings while you sip water or soda.

Now, you can blend in and still enjoy the fun with everyone by consuming alcohol-free drinks instead! Next time you’re out at a bar with your friends, try ordering an alcohol-free cocktail, beer, or wine. Or, if you’re preparing for a kickback at your friend’s house - bring a bottle of spiritless liquor or a six-pack of alcohol-free beer. You’ll find that the placebo effect goes a long way - and you feel your inhibitions lower with each drink you have. Try it yourself and see!

Where Can I Find Non-Alcoholic Beverages To Try?

There you have it - the top 7 reasons to try non alcoholic beverages. As you can see, there are so many reasons to switch. In fact, we challenge you to come up with one reason not to - go ahead and try! 

Now the question becomes, where can you find these types of alcohol-free beverages? They aren’t nearly as easy to come by as typical liquor, beer, or wine. Worry not - we’ve got you covered at Boisson. Shop our full catalog of alcohol free spirits and experience cocktails without the negative effects. Or, take a look at our alcohol free wine and alcohol free beer selections. You can order online today or shop in person in New York City - and once you’ve tried alcohol-free, you’ll never go back!

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