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SOBER CURIOUS: A Beginner's Guide

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On the heels of a rather extraordinary year behind us, many are still left with sense of delicate morose that doesn’t exactly call us to our higher selves. The whirlwind of political turmoil, employment uncertainty and a lingering (seemingly unending) pandemic have turned many social drinkers into sport-consumers, North East winter be damned.

We’ve enjoyed the quaren-tinis and more than a few zoom apéros, but when the buzz is gone and we’re still locked inside with ourselves, the rebound anxiety quickly turns into the ever-constant grifter, living rent-free in our heads and all but refusing to be useful.

Whether on a hunt for something deeper, more true, or perhaps inspired by the decision to shed the quarantine-15, throngs of have sprung towards the ‘sober curious’ movement without looking back, no train-wreck past required. Devotees loudly boast more energy, better sleep, weight loss, clarity and renewed focus, even if just pausing libations for a month or so.

Intrigued as to how to launch your own petite détox, without sacrificing social connection? 



Americans are known around the world for efficiency and get-it-done attitude, but reaping the benefits of that ‘sober glow’ do not reveal themselves a day after setting down your dry martini. Honor the truth that some things are as simple as taking them ‘one day at a time’ and enjoy the ‘inch-by-inch’ approach to taking control of all things energy, beauty, health and liberté.


GET SUPPORT (where you need it)

Apps like ‘NoMo’,I am Sober’ and ‘Twenty-Four Hours a Day’ keep you accountable and motivated, noting your time, money and even calories spent on alcohol or the withdraw symptoms to expect. Adding a few new-follows to your morning scroll will also boost the feeling of community that you are in fact, not alone in this venture. A quick dive on the #sobercurious hashtag will yield a bevvy of like-minded individuals also looking to take a handle on a moment where many of us are feeling limited control otherwise. Virtual is the new normal, so take advantage to your friends on the other side of the screen who are ready to boost and encourage your new-found clarity. 

Prefer pages to turn rather than a blue-light deep dive? Titles like ‘Sober Curious’ by Ruby Warrington, or ‘Quit Like a Woman’ by Holly Whitaker are siren-songs for the curiously sober-inclined. If looking to skip the inspa-lit and dive right into the world of low and no-proof mixology, Julia Bainbridge’s ‘Good Drinks: Alcohol-Free Recipes for When You’re not Drinking for Whatever Reason will leave ready to shake, strain, sip and share. Cheers.



The world of non-alcoholic spirits & tipples has seen an incredible boom in the post-covid era, from wine to bubbly, hemp-infused spirits and an unbelievable assortment of NA beers. The mixology is sophisticated, the taste is unparalleled, no groggy morning-after necessary. Find a few of our favourites to get you started here, here and here.



There are probably fewer more generous gifts you can give your physical and mental health than a break from booze, even for an interim time. Combating anxiety, rising to brighter mornings, more glowing skin, and unearthing a new level of stamina are just common warnings on the that #soberglow label. 

Proceed with abandon, imbibe with freedom. 

The other side is gorgeously clear.

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