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Sober October 2023 Check-In: Tips & Sips

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This year, Sober October can be much more than a month off. Approaching the month can be a way to get in touch with your relationship to alcohol, fine tune your needs around drinking, and set yourself up for a joyful holiday season.

Whether you don’t drink at all or are approaching one month totally dry, soberish, or somewhere in between, trusting your own intuition—and taste!—is empowering. We put together a bit of history around how this whole thing started, some tips and tricks for the month, and, of course, a few of our favorite sips to make it a tasty one.



How Did Sober October Begin?


The concept of Sober October is not an American invention. The first to recognize the month was the Australian non-profit Life Education when they had a fundraiser called Ocsober in 2010. The United Kingdom did something similar when people held a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support in 2017. In other words, Sober October is a global phenomenon.

Usually, there’s some kind of charitable contribution component when going sober for October—the idea was, if you drink, you pay. Money would then go directly to the charity. 

While you certainly can choose to benefit any nonprofit, Macmillan Cancer Support remains the most recognized charity for observing Sober October. You can sign up to challenge yourself to do the full 31 days or you can sign up for 21 or just 14 days. However, you certainly aren’t required to make a donation to have your own booze-free month. 

Sober October Reflections 

If you want to, you can simply use the month as an opportunity to give up alcohol.  This can help you reassess how much you drink and, most importantly, why.

For many of us, alcohol has become a fixed component in many spheres of our lives. From the professional to the personal, there’s always an occasion to drink. In taking a month off, you might buy some time to notice and reflect on whether alcohol is truly serving you. Perhaps what you really miss is the ritual of holding a glass, the social component of a toast, or the taste—not the alcohol itself. 

 Beyond the mental and emotional are the physical benefits of Sober October. Drinking less is said to result in healthier sleep patterns, increased concentration and mood, less stress on your liver, skin improvements, and more. At a minimum, taking a month off can be the perfect way to keep it fresh for the fall—rest up, revitalize your body, and get back into your favorite routines and rituals.




Tips for Sober October Success 


  • Replace Rituals

    For many, alcohol is about more than just something to drink. It’s an activity. This can make aspects of Sober October feel more challenging. Think of substitutes for drinking based on when or why you typically drink. 

    For example, if you end your days with a drink to wind down, pick up that book you’ve been eyeing on your shelf or try journaling whatever comes to mind. If you’re missing happy hour rituals, pick up a curated bundle, mix up a few cocktails, or do an at-home wine tasting with a friend.


  • Lean Into Community
  • Finding a substitute for drinking as a social activity will be easier if you get your friends involved in Sober October. Or, try a 200,000+ member community on Sunnysidea mindful drinking app and wellness platform that offers tailored recommendations for building healthy drinking habits.  


  • Mix It Up
  • We’re so excited to be partnering with Derek Brown, founder of Positive Damage, Inc., this month. Don’t miss our in-depth conversation with him and keep an eye on Instagram—he’ll be posting a new NA recipe for each day of the month, and we’ve got all the ingredients you need!


  • Track Your Progress
  • If apps and data tracking keep you motivated, we have a guide for that. The team here at Boisson vetted and reported on their personal opinions of different drink tracking apps. For some, a simple calendar and pen might do the trick. As it turns out, setting an objective and checking off tasks against that objective—in this case, crossing off days without alcohol—releases dopamine and fuels the motivation cycle. Check!


  • Keep Your Glass Half-Full!
  • Last but not least, Sober October is about keeping your glass half-full—literally and not so literally. Our curation of non-alcoholic options is here to serve you throughout the month.

    AVEC Cocktail Bundles

    AVEC reinvented the mixer. These elevated, healthier sips are perfect for enjoying as-is or mixing up cocktails. To make it easy, we paired AVEC with zero-proof spirits by Everleaf, Little Saints, and Ritual Aperitif.

  • Everleaf Forest + AVEC Yuzu Lime
  • Everleaf’s bittersweet, orange blossom aperitif and AVEC Yuzu Lime come together in a refreshing, herbal cocktail with a grounded yet refreshing palate. 


  • Little Saints St. Ember + AVEC Jalapeño Blood Orange
  • The Little Saints presentation of a Lion’s Mane-infused, zero-proof mezcal that complements AVEC’s spicy, citrusy mix for a recreation of the mezcal margarita. 

  • Ritual Apéritif + AVEC Grapefruit Pomelo

  • Ritual’s bittersweet Italian aperitif comes to life alongside AVEC’s zesty, slightly peppery Grapefruit & Pomelo—we love the harmony of herbal notes, smoke, and citrus.

    Three Spirit


    Same plant magic, beautiful new bottles. The functional, mood-boosting elixirs we know and love have taken on a new look. This collection is designed to enhance your night from start to finish. Stimulate your palate, mind and body - before, during and after the party. Yes, you can still party through Sober October. Shop the new bottles today!


    Oceano Zero

    If cooler weather makes you crave red wine, allow us to introduce our new, ultra premium wine offering—Oceano Zero’s 2022 Pinot Noir. Oceano is a beautiful serve: light to medium bodied and infused with the terroir of coastal California, sustainably sourced, and luxurious on the palate.  


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