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The Secrets to Snoozing to Quickly Fix Your Horrible Sleeping Habits

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‘A nap is the most luxurious thing in the world’ 

Rick Owens

When last week we heard about the importance of sleep from the dark lord of fashion himself, we finally felt empowered enough to keep pushing… that snooze button. As part of his recent collab with Moncler, Rick Owens envisioned a soundproof sleeping pod — a sarcophagus both ancient and futuristic. We read this as: ‘No matter how much humanity evolves and how far progress goes, sleep will forever be in style.’ Remarkably, Owens is not the only one to have recently expressed their passion for sleep through a fashion statement. This week, the singer Tommy Cash showed up at Paris Fashion Week serving dreamy looks — a white duvet and pillows tied to his back, plus a hydration mask, which let him take a fake nap during the show. For the city that never sleeps and only boasts how busy it is, this trend is maybe not a wake up call, but still a delicate reminder to slow down and admit that sleep is actually cool. 

To kick off Sleep Awareness Week and double down on Mindful March agenda, we’re unraveling our secret ways to lull even the most vigilant insomnia. While we endorse age-old advice like exercising and going to bed at the same time, when it so happens that nearly every field of life could use a thorough revision, we try to be realistic and embrace quick cures as well. If you, like us, are looking for the magic pill, below you’ll find a list of temporary yet instant fixes to your, likely horrible, sleeping routine. 

Custom molded earplugs 

TikTok is rife with videos mocking noisy upstairs neighbors, and NYC is where those neighbors thrive. From moving furniture at night to running around in stone sandals and to shutting the door only in a super-loud jump kick—however far the imagination of creators goes, it still falls short of the real neighbors’ madness. During our tenure as New Yorkers, to tune out the noise, we’ve tested out all kinds of earplugs. What we found out is that some of them are actually game changers. Custom earplugs, we’re looking at you. Although to get these, you’ll need to first go to an audiologist, where they will get you a custom mold, you’ll thank us later. In comparison to regular earplugs, these are an investment, but a worthy one: they block out the noise, don’t fall out at night, your ears won’t hurt in the morning, and you’ll be able to sleep through any of your neighbors' activities, be it slamming drawers, unplugging chargers, or even practicing bowling moves, which we’re adamant, they sometimes do. 


There’s a whole world of sleep aid pillow sprays for restless sleepers or those who are struggling with waking overnight. Common are scents of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver, as they’re proven to promote relaxation and soothe us to sleep. Just spritz your pillow at bedtime to calm a busy mind and fall asleep faster. Alternatively, you can inhale essential oils with a diffuser. There are several different types of diffusers, but all of them work by taking the pure essential oils and dispersing them into the air for you to breathe in. 


Soaking in magnesium 

Magnesium has a calming effect on the nervous system and can help to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. Given that most people are deficient in magnesium, adding magnesium flakes to your bath is an easy way to replenish your body’s magnesium levels. Whatever keeps you up at night, this self-care ritual will go a long way to transport you from stressed out to calm and relaxed.

Adaptogenic beverages 

Adaptogenic drinks are another way to apologize to your body for what you’ve done to its circadian rhythms. Adaptogens are plant-based ingredients that work with the endocrine system and help manage the body’s response to stress and anxiety. For Sleep Awareness Week, we picked a dream team of our best-selling functional beverages and turned them into the Sleep Support Bundle to lower the cost of developing healthy sleep habits for you. It includes the Three Spirit’s Nightcap aperitif, the hemp-infused Aplós Calme spirit, and finally the Dream Light Nightcap from Kin Euphorics, for you to close your night peacefully and drift off to Dreamland as you please.

Simple a.m. pleasures 

How many times did you stay up late mainly because the forthcoming morning promised nothing but a dreary routine? Add some bright touches to liven up your tomorrow. Plan something enjoyable for the next day—something that’ll motivate you to go to bed, simply because you’ll be already excited to wake up. And don’t overlook the simplest things in case you’re already fully booked for tomorrow, as even the tiniest tweaks can influence your mood immensely. We receive information through the five senses, and engaging any of them at least to some extent would signal to your body that everything’s actually not that bad. For the sense of smell, take the time to find the hand or body wash scent you actually enjoy, vs the generic one they sell at your bodega. For sight, get some flowers: not only are they beautiful, they’re also said to improve the flow of positive energy and neutralize the bad vibes your sleep-deprived highness might’ve accidentally exuded. Ultimately, all these small, almost unnoticeable upgrades will instantly remind you that you care about yourself and will nudge you to keep treating yourself like a precious human being, not a machine designed for work. And while you’ll still have to go through whatever’s on your to-do list for tomorrow, it’ll be much easier and enjoyable, and probably, someday you’ll realize that you don’t even need our sleeping tips anymore. Until then, remember that the only two breeds of people who actually never sleep in NYC are brokers and drug dealers. The rest of us need rest. 

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