CBD-infused cocktails—for the buzz without the booze. 

In the wake of the pandemic and a few too many drinks, Flyers was created. Made to complement a life without compromise, it's for days full of thrill, choice, and doing the things you love. The full spectrum CBD content softens the edges of a long (or short!) day, leaving you feeling centered and at ease.

Not Pregnancy Friendly
0.0% ABV
What people are saying

"I can't be without this cocktail in a can."


“People think, ‘oh, it must be skunky,’ but it’s not like the CBD tastes like a bag of pot. It’s a little bitter, acidic and metallic."

Ivy Mix, InsideHook

"These taste great and really relaxed me. So glad I tried them!"

Tokyo Marg

 Non-Alcoholic Tokyo Marg Highball (4-pack)


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A drink with a cause—Flyers is an advocating partner with The Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform.

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