The Spirit of Tequila

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The Spirit of Gin

Non-Alcoholic Spirit


The Spirit of Milano

Non-Alcoholic Alternative 750 ml


Free Spirits

Non-Alcoholic Bourbon, Tequila, and Gin 3-Pack Bundle


Free Spirits

Bourbon + Avec Ginger Bundle



Made by cocktail lovers with a penchant for wellness

Based in Marin County, California, Free Spirits uses creative alchemy to make non-alcoholic expressions of some of the greatest spirits in the world. Distillate reconstruction is used to break down spirits into unique flavors, extracts, and botanicals before putting them back together to create an enhanced, non-alcoholic version of the original spirit. Functional B vitamins and amino acids like taurine boost the feel of the spirit, naturally enhancing your mood and sense of wellness. Free Spirits removes the need to choose between good taste and good health.

0.5% ABV
gluten free
What people are saying

"Mimics the taste of a reposado taste pretty well. I like it chilled with a squeeze of lime or mixed with pineapple juice."


"I recently had an alcoholic gin and tonic with Sapphire Gin and was shocked to realize I like the Free Spirits better as a gin and tonic."


"Do not even miss the alcohol!"



For many of us at Boisson, founder Milan's story about wanting to break away from a toxic work culture of drinking really resonated with past professional experiences. We love to see how his free spirit broke through to find a more positive, inclusive solution.

Q&A with Milan Martin, Founder of Free Spirits

" occurred to me that it wasn't the alcohol I was after. It was all the goodness, the excitement and the fun of a great cocktail"