Where the magic of plant science meets the art of bartending.

London-based company Three Spirit creates non-alcoholic, functional, and mood-enhancing drinks. With a focus on what is added to drinks rather than what’s removed, each formula artfully combines adaptogens, nootropics, herbs, distillates, and ferments to create delicate elixirs from ethically sourced plants.

The functional collection of spirits is designed to carry you through your evening, from start to finish: Social Elixir, Livener, and Nightcap are the perfectly balanced trio. Blurred Vines—the Three Spirit take on wine proxies—are unique layered blends with a wine-like feel and a bit of bubbly, mystical goodness.

0.5% ABV
Female Led
Sustainable Values
gluten free
Not Pregnancy-Friendly
What people are saying

"Effects were not overwhelming and light hearted."


"Three Spirit’s Livener is a zinger. It tastes like a chili-dusted watermelon Jolly Rancher. And, true to its name, it made us feel alive—a rare and welcome sensation these days."

Anna Perling, The Wirecutter

"Am surprised and impressed."


"My new go to wine when I want a little extra pep. This one is caffeinated, so for day drinking, it's fantastic."

Spring Sips Bundle

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Three Spirit has an extra joie de vivre you'd have to taste to believe—these unique spirits have become our go-to on any given night.

Q&A with the Three Spirit Founders

It's great to see that we're providing a ticket back into the party for so many people wanting to cut back on alcohol.