Dr. Zero Zero AmarNo Non-Alcoholic Amaro Spirit

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AmarNo, the Non-Alcoholic evolution of Italy’s traditional Amaros . An exquisite after dinner botanicals bitter, crafted by master “Amarologists” in ITALY, yet without the alcohol content of other Amaros. Created with extracts of sage, wormwood, Chinese rhubarb, quassia and orange, traditionally considered to stimulate smooth digestion and enhance energy level. AmarNo: an ideal complementary component to creative cocktails, without adding alcohol.

For centuries Italians have appreciated the flavor and digestive properties of bitter herbs. The love of Amaro is an Italian tradition. Master craftsman have kept perfecting this essential libation and today Dr Zero Zero brings you its Non Alcoholic version, maintaining the flavor and smoothness that has delighted for so long this country of millennial food and drink culture.

Alcohol by Volume:

  • Less than 0.5%


Product Size:

700ml | 23.7oz