Feragaia, Scotland’s Free Spirit 0.0% ABV

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Feragaia’s wild and refreshing depth of taste is distilled in Scotland’s first 0.0% ABV distillery. Handcrafted from 14 land & sea botanicals to create The Original Free Spirit. Feragaia’s botanicals are grown on the founder’s farm in Fife, Scotland and are carefully identified for their flavor profiles and natural properties from wild earth. An original and complex expression, its highly versatile liquid aims to level the playing field between alcohol and alcohol-free through uncompromising confidence. Feragaia brings unrivalled quality to No/Low spirits through provenance, process and transparency and translates to ‘Wild Earth’ in Latin and Greek, which is what the drink aims to reconnect drinkers to - the grounding effect of Wild Earth is an antidote to the intensity of our modern age.

Alcohol by Volume:

  • 0.0%


  • No

Product Size:

700ml | 6.8oz