Free Spirits - The Spirit of Bourbon - Non-Alcoholic Spirit

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Based in Marin County, California, Free Spirits uses creative alchemy to make non-alcoholic expressions of some of the greatest spirits in the world. Free Spirits’ The Spirit of Bourbon is made to lift spirits while grounding you in a sense of comfort, ease, and mindfulness. This spirit has a rich, oaky taste and lends itself to all the traditions and social ceremonies associated with Kentucky Bourbon. It even has some of the heated bites usually found in full-volume alcohol. Made with functional ingredients and vitamins that boost your overall wellness and mood, we find the drinking experience to be warming, elevated, and nourishing. As a delicious expression of a classic spirit, The Spirit of Bourbon removes the need to choose between good taste and good health.

How To Enjoy

Whether you’re mixing non-alcoholic drinks or simply dialing down the alcohol content, The Spirit of Bourbon can be used in place of full-volume bourbon in any recipes you love. The heat of the spirit makes for a great slow-drinking cocktail, like a classic Old Fashioned. For an extra cozy drink, try a non-alcoholic Hot Toddy or spiked hot chocolate. 

While it can be enjoyed straight, The Spirit of Bourbon may leave some teeth marks (like any spirit when taken neat).

Alcohol by Volume:

  • Less than 0.5%


  • No

Product Size:

750ml | 25.4oz