Spiritless - Kentucky 74 - Non-Alcoholic Bourbon -700 ml

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Spiritless was created to bring optionality to your drinks and more freedom to your days. The Spiritless Kentucky 74 is an expertly crafted non-alcoholic spirit. With all the familiar notes and warm finish of a Kentucky whiskey, it makes for an effortless bourbon substitute in classic cocktail recipes. Crafted using a reverse distillation process, the spirit is twice distilled to remove alcohol content while retaining oils and tannins that honor the taste and feel of the original. Kentucky 74 is a robust, elegant take on a quintessentially American spirit.

How To Enjoy

Spiritless Kentucky 74 makes it easy to go fully spiritless or simply lower the alcohol content in any drink. Pick your potency: for a non-alcoholic drink, simply use it in place of bourbon. Or, go halfsies for a low-ABV drink by using one-to-one Spiritless 74 to your favorite full-volume whiskey. While you can enjoy this spirit any way you'd like, Spiritless notes that it shines brightest in classic whiskey recipes like an Old Fashioned, a Whiskey Sour, or a Manhattan.

Alcohol by Volume:

  • Less than 0.5%


Product Size:

700ml | 23.7oz