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8 Portable NA Drinks For Any Handbag Shape You Own

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It’s Friday night, and your Uber’s about to leave, while you’re nervously trying to squeeze your party gear in your tiny purse, most likely muttering the words your mother would not approve of. And this is not an easy task, as the essentials include your non-alc party drink, for you’ve decided to have a ‘dry’ night tonight. Another Uber notification, and you give up: you grab a roomy bag that clashes with your outfit making you look like an idiot and slam the door. 

Only this week it won’t fly, as New Yorkers are preparing for the week of fashion talks and excessive street style judgment — the infamous NYFW 2022. To make your life easier, we’ve gone ahead and paired all trending handbag shapes and sizes of the 2022/2023 season with NA drinks that you can put in them right before you leave. This way, you and your fashionable friends will survive the New York Fashion Week without getting any fines from the fashion police.


Micro bags: Mini Lady Dior + Jukes Cordials 6 and 8 

While Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito bags can mainly be seen collecting dust on Depop these days, the micro bag trend is nonetheless here to stay. At Boisson, we aim to make sure that the demand for bite-sized bags is met with bite-sized drinks, and all that maintaining the great quality. Just like you have to pick what you put in a micro bag wisely, the Jukes cordials are made using only essential, quality ingredients. Nothing extra. Simply mix the contents of their tiny bottles with water, and that’s it – the drink is ready. Whether you’d want it to be a deep red or rose, Jukes got you covered.

jukes cordials 8 rose na drink pouring into a glass

Bucket List: Saint Laurent Bucket Bag + Thomson & Scott's Noughty

 This Saint Laurent large bucket bag crafted of rich leather and embellished with shiny studs was begging for an equally fancy bottle of sparkling wine. Paired with Thomson & Scott’s Noughty rosé – an elegant, celebratory wine choice – it will make you the star attraction at any party. 


Trinket: Judith Leiber Bloody Mary Clutch + hella Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail Mixer

The eccentric Judith Leiber Bloody Mary Cocktail clutch, which is literally a clutch in the shape of a Bloody Mary cocktail drink, is a surefire way to spice things up. Coupled with the hella’s Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail Mixer, a spicy take on this classic boasting an extra kick of red pepper, it’s destined to become both a conversation starter and a showstopper. Just pour it right into the bag – and don’t forget a straw. 


XXL: Chet Lo Large Spiky Bag + Seedlip Trio 

Unless you want to ruin the effect this giant spiky Chet Lo bag can have on the party guests by endlessly searching for your drink in it, the beverages you put in an oversized bag should be sizable. With the Seedlip Trio bundle, not only will you save 4% when you buy the spirits, but you will also be able to quickly find them when you need them.  


Multi Pocketed: By Far Baby Billy + All The Bitter Bitters

The functional does not mean pragmatic: it simply means that you appreciate having options. With an aesthetic tailored to adapt to the complexity of modern life, By Far's Baby Billy crossbody bag cordially offers its pockets to fill with a variety of drinks. With the tiny 4 fl. oz bitters from All The Bitter you can have it all – add citrus and a bit of spice to any cocktail with this Orange bitter or liven up any drink with bright flavors of anise, tart cherry, hibiscus and rosehips found in this New Orleans bitter. Just a few dropperfuls will do wonders for sparkling water, tonic, ginger ale or even beer.


Rigid Shapes: Jil Sander Cannolo + jeng's jeng&tonic

Jeng Jeng tonic non alcoholic red cocktail

Don’t get scared off by the Cannolo bag’s rigidity, as we found a drink that fits its shape perfectly. Jeng’s jeng & tonic cocktail, which is packaged in a matte, pleasing to the touch can, combines natural juniper, lime and tonic flavors with just a touch of natural hemp extract to create the refreshing and unique drink. Just like the Jil Sander Cannolo bag, jeng is the classics, re-imagined. 


Crescent: Balenciaga Le Cagole XS + DRAM black bitter

 Sophisticated silhouettes require appropriate beverages. With the crescent shape undoubtedly being the shape of the season, you’d need a complex drink to match this unusual bag’s energy. The DRAM black bitter is a shadowy and lavish mix of all herbs black – layered with notes of cardamom, black tea, sweet black currants, and a pepper finish. All you need to do to enjoy it is simply add a few drops to your favorite drink, be it a cocktail or even a cup of coffee. At first you’d think that it’s too bold of a choice, but then you notice how surprisingly well it blends with any recipe, sweet or savory – just like Balenciaga Le Cagole shoulder bag that becomes a nice finish to any outfit.


Woven Totes: Boisson Mesh Bag + Kin Euphorics' Kin Spritz

As crochet bags and woven bags are one of the SS22 biggest handbag trends, with JW Anderson, Chloé, and Loewe favoring knitted woven shoppers, macramé bags, and other woven totes that can carry everything, we decided to offer our own take on them. Meet the Boisson SS22 Mesh Bag. 

This last Boisson x Kin Spritz pairing was inspired by the Kin’s founder Bella Hadid, who wore our bag out in Montauk this summer. Kin Spritz is a sparkling, ready-to-sip euphoric – an anytime beverage to awaken the mind and uplift the mood.

Bella Hadid kin euphorics mesh bag boisson

Image courtesy of Bella Hadid

And have we mentioned that our mesh bags will be available for sale soon? Stay tuned and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss the drop! 

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