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German Beers at Oktoberfest: NA Edition

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What if we told you that Oktoberfest is but a royal wedding afterparty that’s been on for 200 years? 

Some two centuries ago, the newly-wed Bavarian King Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen decided to add some chic to their wedding ceremony and invited the people of Munich to join and celebrate the parade. But as it often occurs when royal libations are involved, the party got bigger than expected and eventually took over the world. That’s what happens when you know the entire country and forget to ask to RSVP.


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 Oktoberfest has seen it all since then — horse races, a cholera epidemic, an unclaimed viking helmet found in the ‘lost & found,’ and even the banishment of Paris Hilton back in 2007, when the socialite showed up wearing a shiny dirndl and tried to self-promote her wine brand at the fair. Apparently, the locals were not dazzled by her looks, as they complained that her presence was ‘cheapening’ the event. She got expelled from the beer paradise forever. 

Oktoberfest is everything a German soul could wish for. And there are also rides — a marvelous pastime for when one’s downed a few pints! A heady decision at first blush, but if you come to think of it – what is it if not a smart way to cleanse and start the libation over? 

To properly celebrate King Ludwig’s modest holiday and let you ride all the roller-coasters you can find out there, we’ve carefully selected the best non-alcoholic Oktoberfest beers to form our own 'Big Six' a term used to refer to the six local breweries allowed to serve on the premises. Welcome to the digital Boisson x Oktoberfest fair 2022. 

1 – Paulaner - Weizen Radler - Non Alcoholic Malt Beer 

At the real Oktoberfest in Munich, the rules are strict: custom dictates that only six local breweries can serve on the premises – Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Löwenbräu, Spaten, Hofbräuhaus, and Paulaner, and each beer has to have 6% of alcohol as compared to the 5% that is your average non-Oktoberfest beer. The Paulaner Weizen Radler Malt beer is an authentic Oktoberfest brew that combines the great flavor of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen with natural effervescent lemonade in a non-alcoholic alternative for refreshingly fruity yet malty taste. 

2 –  Clausthaler — Dry Hopped — Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage 

German beer na clausthaler dry hopped Oktoberfest

 The second of the NA Big Six is the Clausthaler Dry-Hopped Malt Beverage. Clausthaler has been pioneering the non-alcoholic beer industry since 1972. As the world's first dry-hopped non-alcoholic, the Clausthaler Dry-Hopped is their take on a classic pale lager. Made with expert German craftsmanship, U.S.-imported cascade hops are added at an advanced stage of the brewing process to create this brew's classic aroma. It has a distinctively malty character. Radical at the time of its inception, this non-alcoholic beer has become a time-tested stalwart in the industry.


3 – Weihenstephaner - Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage

Sparkling, fresh and highly drinkable – nuances of honey and an inviting yeasty note best describe the flavor of our non-alcoholic wheat beer. Indeed, with its clouded, bright golden, large ivory head the brew looks just like a true Bavarian wheat, only non-alcoholic. The flavor profile is bright, crisp, and vibrant with mouth popping carbonation and after wading through the deliciously foamy head, you’ll be surprised how closely it resembles the Hefe-Weizen beer. 

4 – Erdinger 

men drinking non alcoholic beer erdinger

A cool glass of ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic not only tastes fantastic, but is also healthy – thanks to the vitamin B9 that supports a strong metabolism. With its isotonic properties , it provides the body directly with valuable ingredients and thus satisfies thirst even faster. The Non-Alcoholic drink from Erding is not only a real energizer but also low in calories, with 82 calories in each 11.2 fl oz bottle, and made exclusively from natural ingredients.

Will that all help you balance off the Oktoberfest pretzel and sausage calorie intake? We don’t know, but you can try. 

5 – Bitburger Drive 0.0% - Non-Alcoholic Beer - 6 pack 

Bitburger is a centuries-old German family brewery known for brewing with only the highest quality, locally sourced hops, malt, and deep-sourced water available. Naturally brewed following German Beer Purity laws, the Bitburger Drive Non-Alcoholic Beer delivers the same experience as a German Pilsner. With a fresh taste and very fine bubbles, we love the delicacy and clean finish of this brew. From the bottle down to the taste, it's almost impossible to distinguish from its full-volume cousin.  

Straw and golden in color with a thin white head. A sweet aroma of honey, ripe grains, and slightly bitter herbs precedes a lively palate of bittersweet, malty flavors with lingering notes of hops and wormwood.

6 –  Athletic Brewing - OKTOBERFEST - Non-Alcoholic Beer - 6 pack

This is the third release of the authentic Oktoberfest by Athletic Brewing – a Festbier brewed with German Vienna and Munich malts, and German Hersbrucker hops. With notes of bread crust and toast, a slight sweetness, and a muted bitterness, our Oktoberfest compliments your autumn activities, from tailgating and leaf peeping to King Ludwig’s wedding celebration.

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