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NA Alternatives to Wine: The Top Wine Substitutes for Drinking Guilt-Free

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Are you looking for non alcoholic alternatives to wine, so you can still enjoy a glass of your favorite red or white without the consequences of alcohol? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Boisson is your one-stop shop for substitutions for wine – and today, we’re going to share our personal favorites with you.

Maybe you’re looking for an alcohol-free champagne alternative so you can celebrate a milestone while staying sober. Or perhaps, you need a white wine alternative to help get you through the week, or even pair with your favorite foods. No matter why you’re seeking out non-alcoholic wine alternatives or what your favorite variety is, we’re going to unveil the top wine substitutions available online right now.

First, though, allow us to explain the beauty of these wine substitutes for drinking.

The Beauty of These Non Alcoholic Alternatives to Wine

If you’re looking for what to drink instead of wine, you probably already have your own reasons for abstaining from alcohol

Maybe you’re living a sober life because of the impact alcohol has had on you in the past. Or, it could be the health consequences that come with drinking traditional wine varieties. As you may have learned in our blog post on the benefits of non alcoholic wine, ditching your traditional vino for an alcohol-free counterpart will have astounding benefits on your social, physical, and mental wellbeing. 

No longer will you have to worry about how you’re getting home – or how you’ll feel the next morning. You can still enjoy your favorite wine variety without any of the issues that come with a glass (or a few) of wine.

We know what you’re thinking… None of this matters if it doesn’t pass the taste test! With that said, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Are These Non-Alcoholic Alternatives to Wine Any Good?

what to drink instead of wine

If you are skeptical about the taste of these non-alcoholic alternatives to wine, allow us to ease your doubts. When we say they’re just as good - if not better - than what you’re used to, we mean it! 

There’s a reason these alcohol-free substitutions for wine have recently exploded in popularity. They are still made from quality grapes, grown in the best regions around the world. The only thing lacking is the alcohol - and that little “bite” or “burn” that comes with it.

However, with the alcohol-taste gone, you can truly appreciate what the winemaker has put together for you. And without the guilt that comes with drinking traditional wine, these wine substitutes for drinking taste even better!

So, with all that said, let’s get into what you came here for today – the best non alcoholic alternatives to wine based on your favorite wine type.

The Top Wine Substitute for Drinking Based on Your Favorite Type

non alcoholic wine alternatives

If you’ve been wondering what to drink instead of wine, you’re about to discover your new favorite non alcoholic wine substitute for drinking. We’re going to share our favorite non alcoholic alternatives to wine based on your favorite wine type.

To kick things off, we’ll start with our favorite non-alcoholic white wine alternatives.

Our Favorite White Wine Alternative

Non-alcoholic white wine alternatives are a refreshing, light choice that you can never go wrong with. We love a glass before a meal or afterward as dessert. And honestly, we’ve got no complaints about having a glass with dinner either! There’s never a bad type for non-alcoholic white wine. And our personal favorite white wine alternative has to be Giesen - Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc.

This New Zealand-based winery is based on a commitment to sustainability, discovery, and time spent amongst loved ones. That’s something we can all get behind, making this white wine alternative a great choice. 

It doesn’t disappoint in taste or aroma, either. Pale gold in the glass, it offers expressive aromas with tasting notes of citrus and other tropical fruits. It leaves a tight acidic bite behind on the palate for a cleansing effect.

When we think white wine, we think Sauvignon Blanc. But, maybe you’re seeking an alcohol-free Pinot Grigio alternative. And if so, Giesen has an exceptional candidate for that as well. Their Pinot Grigio alternative offers the same acidity and soft fruit flavors as the original. It’s hardly distinguishable from its full ABV cousin!

But if you came here searching for an alcohol-free red wine alternative, keep reading.

Our Favorite Red Wine Alternatives 

You can’t beat the rich flavor of red wine. It’s perfect for sipping and savoring after a long day at work - but we’ve never been known to turn down an afternoon glass, either! And, with red wine alternatives, you can enjoy a glass anytime, anywhere - guilt-free. But, if you’re new to alcohol-free red wine, where should you start your journey? 

There are so many amazing options that we have to break it down by grape:

  • Leitz - NV Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir: all the way from Germany, this bottle contains a tannic, vinous body that is best enjoyed slightly chilled in a roomy glass. It pairs remarkably with hearty meals - but makes a statement on its own, too. It’s a perfect recreation of traditional red wine. 
  • Hill Street Vin -  Non-alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon: this bold, hearty red wine alternative is perfect for leisurely sipping, good dinner conversations with great people, and winding down. It’s full-bodied and fleshy with key notes of cranberry and cherry - accompanied by currant and mocha aromatics. 
  • Pierre Chavin - Non-Alcoholic Merlot: a blend of Southern France’s finest merlot grapes come together to create a deep, full-bodied, and structured alternative to red wine. It boasts a nice complexity and subtle elegancy - all at once. And on the nose, you’ll experience generous notes of ripped fruits.

Our Favorite Rosé Alternatives

Whether you just need a go-to summer wine or you’re looking for something to complement brunches, lunches, desserts, and more - alcohol-free rosé is an excellent choice. And one of our favorite rosé alternatives comes from an organic, sustainably sourced, and reputable alcohol-free winemaker: Thomson & Scott. 

Thomson & Scott’s Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé was made with a spirit of transparency and playfulness. The organic Tempranillo grapes hail from southern Spain and are put into stainless steel before being dealcoholized through an efficient, clean method. The end result? An elegant, celebratory, and purely made pour that never disappoints. 

The aromatic notes of berry precede a red fruit palate that is both sweet and acidic. With a medium-dry finish, you’ll appreciate every last drop.

Our Favorite Champagne Alternatives

Got a reason to celebrate? Just want to enjoy some guilt-free mimosas on the weekends? Whatever the case, there are some amazing champagne alternatives in our store for you! But, if we had to choose just one alternative to champagne, it would be Lussory’s Premium Non-Alcoholic Organic Brut.

This wonderful champagne alternative is carefully crafted from Airen grapes sourced from Spain. It’s dry and bubbly, as you’d expect from an authentic alternative to champagne. The notes consist of citrus aromas and soft, fruity flavors with a fine, delicate finish.

Our Favorite Chardonnay Alternatives

We could have lumped our favorite chardonnay alternatives in with the rest of the white wines. But any chardonnay lover will agree - it’s in a class of its own and deserves to be treated as such! And when the time comes to pull out a chardonnay alternative, look no further than Thomson & Scott’s Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay

Yes - another appearance from T&S. There’s a reason for that - these guys consistently exceed expectations

The chardonnay-like richness you’ve come to know and love is maintained in this lightly carbonated and beautifully bottled alternative to chardonnay. It’s perfect for pairing or enjoying all on its own. It has that classic apple aroma with a slightly sweet, ripe fruit palate.

Where to Find All These Non Alcoholic Alternatives to Wine

wine substitute for drinking

We could go on and on about our favorite non-alcoholic alternatives to wine. But the options we’ve offered above are an excellent starting point for anyone seeking their first NA wine alternative. From champagne alternatives to red wine alternatives, we hope you find your new favorite wine substitute for drinking guilt-free.

But, if you’re still wondering what to drink instead of wine, and where to find it - head over to Boisson: the #1 non alcoholic liquor store in NYC. You can visit one of our many locations in-person - or, shop with us online and get your new favorite wine substitute for drinking shipped right to your door!

We’ve got all your alcohol free wine alternatives and other zero-ABV spirits waiting in our storefront – so stock up today! 

Parting Thoughts on What to Drink Instead of Wine: Substitutions for Wine Based on Your Favorite Type!

That concludes our discussion on what to drink instead of wine. We hoped that the substitutions for wine we’ve made based on your favorite type have uncovered your new go-to pour. You can’t go wrong with any of the recommendations above - and over on our site, you’ll find plenty of other possibilities to try. Head over to the website and enjoy all these non-alcoholic wine alternatives Boisson has to offer today!

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