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A Quick Guide to Wine Proxies

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Once you start dipping your toes (or your tastebuds, rather) into the world of alcohol-free alternatives to spirits, you’ll see just how vast the options are. Especially as we approach the holiday season, many start to wonder how to have sober celebrations or provide alcohol-free options for parties and dinners. Wine proxies are just one of many products on the market today that are perfect for the task. Here’s what you should know.

What Is a Wine Proxy?

Unlike dealcoholized wines that start as real wine before having the alcohol removed, wine proxies are crafted to be in a different category altogether. They are designed with the intention to be enjoyed alongside food. Wine proxies are unique because they aren’t trying to imitate any specific variety of wine. Rather, they are an alcohol-free alternative that replicates the experience of drinking wine with a meal.

By emulating certain qualities of wine, a wine proxy can enhance any meal! They’re great when you want a complex drink that complements your meal but you don’t want to get buzzed in the process. 

Popular Wine Proxies You Have to Try

Two of the most popular brands of wine proxies on the market today are Acid League and Jukes. Of course, Boisson proudly carries both! 

Wine Proxies from Acid League

Acid League wine proxies are known for their complex, layered beverages that blend juices, teas, bitters, and spices. The company views proxy-making as a fine art. Rather than being a winemaker that makes proxies on the side, Acid League has dedicated their business to wine proxies being the star of their product line. A few of favorites of their offerings include:

  • Night Shade, a savory wine proxy with hints of spice like paprika and Kashmiri chili for a kick. It pairs beautifully with pizza and Bolognese.
  • Bee Complex, a dessert wine proxy, overflowing with floral and fruity notes. It’s the perfect accompaniment to simple delicacies like fruit tarts, figs, or even foie gras. 
  • Pastiche, a tropical experience with the key components of lychee, peach, and pineapple contrasted against powerful spices like pink peppercorn and clove. This wine proxy was designed with meals like khao soi from Thailand and aloo gobi from India in mind.

 Wine Proxies from Jukes

Jukes is another exceptional brand of wine proxies. The company was started by world-renowned wine taster and writer Matthew Jukes. His line of drinks starts with an apple cider vinegar base. Anything from the brand is made from natural ingredients and highly aromatic for a pleasant "wine-like” experience.

  • Jukes #1 is the wine proxy that started it all. This drink is all about citrus and herbs. It brilliantly complements a cheese platter.
  • Jukes #6 is fruity and spicy, thanks to ingredients like blackcurrants, blackberries, and plums. Grilled lamb or stewed venison are some of its best pairings.
  • Jukes #8 is refreshing and dry, flavored with pomegranate, melon, and rhubarb. This aromatic non-alcoholic cordial is perfect with sea trout, salmon, or shrimp cocktail.

Discover the World of Wine Proxies with Boisson

When you’re looking for a high-quality wine proxy to pair with your favorite meal, you can trust Boisson to have plenty of options you’ll love. You may even discover you enjoy wine proxies better than the real thing! See for yourself by ordering today, and feel free to reach out to us over phone or email to get help deciding what would be best for your meal pairing.


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