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Our List of the Best Nonalcoholic Aperitifs

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Imagine yourself sitting on the coast of the Mediterranean, a bright red-orange drink in hand. It’s fruity, citrusy, and herbal all at once, the perfect refreshment to make you feel like you’re on vacation.

Nonalcoholic apéritif or aperitivo—both are correct terms—is one of the best drinks to enjoy with family or friends. Drink it neat for a robust taste, or spritz it for a refreshing yet sophisticated cocktail. 

Uniquely herbal yet sweet, aperitifs maintain their complexity with class.

They’ve been enjoyed for millennia, and now they’re everywhere. But if you’re confused about the types of aperitifs on the market, look no further.

We’re kinda experts in the best nonalcoholic aperitifs. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorites, so you can get to sipping even faster.


Figlia Fiore nonalcoholic aperitivo

Figlia — Nonalcoholic Aperitivo

… if you’re looking for something spicy-sweet and not too bitter.

First on our list of favorites is Figlia's Fiore. Italian for daughter, Figlia was created by Lily Geiger who made this bright, complex aperitif drink after losing her father to alcoholism. Now for every nonalcoholic bottle of goodness she sells, she gives back to the Partnership to End Addiction.

Fiore is different from your average nonalcoholic aperitivo. Its sleek bottle opens to smells of ginger and berries.

On the tongue, you taste spice from ginger, bitterness from orange peel, tanginess from currants, and a delicate note of rose.

It’s less bitter than other types of aperitifs, yet just as intriguing.

Enjoy the darkly hued red-purple beverage over ice, with a splash of club soda, or alone with orange peel on the side.

You can purchase a 750 ml bottle for $43 or subscribe and save $38.70 a month.


Pentire Coastal Spritz... if you’re looking for the ideal Aperol replacement.

Pentire’s signature naturally distilled coastal botanicals are carefully blended with Blood Orange, Sea Rosemary and Oakwood to create the perfect balance of natural bitter flavors and refreshing coastal tones. Created in collaboration with the world's best bartenders who share Pentire’s love for the outdoors.

If you’re looking for the perfect substitute for Aperol, you’ve come to the right place.

Mix with club soda or tonic, and garnish with orange slices. Go the extra mile, and enjoy with nonalcoholic prosecco for an “Aperol” spritz that will leave you feeling good.



Wilfred's Bittersweet Orange & Rosemary aperitif

Wilfred's — Nonalcoholic Aperitif

...if you’re looking for complex herbal flavors with a smooth texture.

Wilfred’s Nonalcoholic Aperitif comes in a beautiful art deco bottle, a prelude to the lively flavors inside. Creator Chris Wilfred Hughes set out to make an aperitif that had all of the texture and taste of alcohol without the booze.

The first sip of the colorful liquid is full of sweet rhubarb and lemon flavor that fades into the bitter orange and herbal rosemary.

What got us excited about this nonalcoholic aperitif is how velvety smooth it feels in your mouth, giving the sensation you’re drinking actual alcohol without the side effects.

It’s lovely chilled on its own if you want a sophisticated beverage to sip on. Throw in some bubbles, and you have an even better spritz.

Enjoy a 500ml bottle of Wilfred’s for only $32.


Ghia aperitif

Ghia Aperitif — Nonalcoholic Aperitif

...if you’re looking for something delightfully bitter with a dash of citrus.

Ghia is the creation of Melanie Masarin, who spent her summers on the Mediterranean. And anyone lucky enough to have tasted this alcohol-free version will tell you it does indeed taste like the seaside in Greece or Italy.

The bottle begs to be opened with its inviting yet simplistic branding. It’s a take on an aperitif that we haven’t seen yet: the mix of Riesling grape, yuzu, elderflower, orange peel, and lemon balm create an elegant harmony.

It’s refreshingly bitter with a side of floral and citrus, managing to soothe and energize in one sip.

Ghia works best with tonic, but it’s also delicious mixed with club soda or alcohol-free prosecco for more focus on its bite. 

You can purchase a 535ml bottle of Ghia Aperitif in-store only, or call one of our stores to order through local delivery. Price is $33.

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