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Best Non-Alcoholic Wines for the Summer

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When you think of summer, you picture sun-soaked afternoons, starlit evenings, and of course, the essential accompaniment to these idyllic moments - a refreshing glass of wine. 

But what if you desire all the delicate nuances, enchanting flavors, and refined sophistication of wine, minus the alcohol? That’s where alcohol-free wines truly shine - offering a realm where indulgence meets safe, healthy, mindful drinking.

Imagine savoring the symphony of flavors that burst in your mouth as you take a sip of your favorite wine, yet staying as cool and composed as a summer's breeze. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s time to turn that dream into a refreshing reality. 

Today, we’re going to help you elevate your warm-weather season with this guide on the best non-alcoholic wines for summer. We’ll journey through the fascinating world of alcohol-free wines, unveiling their captivating traits, uncorking pairing secrets, and cherry-picking the absolute best alcohol-free wines for a summer of pure, guilt-free pleasure.

Why settle for less when you can have the best? Whether you're an alcohol-free wine novice, a seasoned connoisseur, or someone simply looking to embrace healthier choices without compromising on taste and experience, this article is your passport to a summer of refreshing, vibrant, and utterly delightful alcohol-free wines. First - what exactly makes a good NA summer wine? Let’s dive in…

What Makes a Good Alcohol-Free Summer Wine?

Alcohol-free wines are no longer a simple alternative to wine. These 0 ABV superheroes have carved out their own niche of sophisticated indulgence. When it comes to selecting a perfect alcohol-free wine for summer, the same principles that apply to their alcoholic counterparts reign true. These principles revolve around body, acidity, aroma, and balance.

Just like a cool summer outfit, an ideal summer wine should be light-bodied, offering a vibrant yet comfortable palate. It should have enough acidity to provoke freshness and balance the sweet notes. 

Speaking of aroma, summer wines should carry a perfume that reminds you of a garden in full bloom - think of sun-ripened fruits, fresh blossoms, or a crisp morning dew. And finally, a good summer wine should harmonize these elements, delivering a symphony of balanced flavors. 

We’ll expand on all this below so you can feel confident choosing your rotation this summer season, enjoying NA wine to the fullest and sharing the experience with loved ones. 

The Importance of Refreshing, Light, and Crisp Flavors

Imagine a sweltering summer day, and all you crave is a chilled beverage to cool you down. That’s exactly the role refreshing, light, and crisp flavors play in your wine. 

They are like a revitalizing sea breeze on a warm beach day. These wines are typically high in acidity and packed with flavors of citrus, green apple, or tropical fruits - all contributing to a thirst-quenching and invigorating experience.

Pairing With Summer Foods: BBQ, Seafood, and Salads

Great food and excellent wine are timeless partners, and this doesn't change when we're talking about alcohol-free wines. 

A summer BBQ with smoky, well-seasoned flavors can be delightfully contrasted with a crisp, fruit-forward wine. Seafood, on the other hand, with its delicate, sweet undertones, pairs wonderfully with a light-bodied, zesty white wine. And what’s a summer without a fresh salad? Pair your greens with a vibrant, acidic wine to enhance their natural flavors. 

We have a few different pairing guides here at Boisson to help you appreciate your selections to the fullest. You can learn about what to pair with NA red wine, sauvignon blanc food pairings, or what to pair with NA rose wine. We’ll also talk more about pairing the best non-alcoholic summer wines with food later on. 

For now, let’s talk about what matters most when choosing the best alcohol-free wine for summer - your own personal preferences!

Personal Preference: It All Comes Down to What You Enjoy Drinking!

While there are general guidelines to help you select a summer wine, remember this - the best wine is the one you enjoy drinking. 

You’ll hear some people claim that darker reds like cabs or merlots have no place in the hot summer season. While it’s true that these are considered better choices in the winter, there is no reason to deprive yourself of what you actually enjoy drinking just based on seasonality!

Personal preference always trumps any rule or convention. Whether you enjoy a red with your fish or a white with your steak, it’s all about savoring the moment and creating an experience you love.

Ultimately, the joy of drinking wine, alcohol-free or not, comes down to exploring new flavors, discovering personal favorites, and cherishing the moments each sip brings. It's your journey to enjoy, one delightful glass at a time. And below, we’ll point you in the right direction with some of the absolute best non-alcoholic wines for the summer season at Boisson.

So, What are the Best Non-Alcoholic Wines for Summer?

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the non-alcoholic red wine benefits or you want to include the kids in the fun this summer season, we’re so excited to let you in on our personal favorites for when the temperatures start heating up. First, though, we want to let you know why you can trust us for all your alcohol-free wine needs!

Why Shop at Boisson for Your Alcohol-Free Summer Wines?

Boisson is your one-stop non-alcoholic liquor store. We’ve made it our mission to make healthy 

NA drinks more accessible to all. You can buy your new favorites through our online store or visit us in one of our physical storefronts. Whatever the case, you’ll be wow’d by our selection and blown away by our commitment to customer service.

No matter your reason for abstaining from alcohol, we’re here to help you enjoy your favorite drinks guilt-free. From non-alcoholic red wine to non alcoholic rose wine, non alcoholic white wine, Halal wine, and even proxies wine - we’ve got it all.

But, vino is just the tip of the iceberg at Boisson. We also have spirits like non alcoholic tequila and alcohol-free whiskey. For now, though, let’s get into what you came here for - uncovering the best alcohol-free summer wines this season.

Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé

A glass of Thomson & Scott Noughty Sparkling Rosé is like a summer sunrise in a bottle - which is why we had to share it first. 

This alcohol-free rosé, with its vivacious pink hue, captures the essence of summer with its bouquet of fresh red fruits and delicate floral notes. Its playful effervescence and balanced acidity make it a delightful choice for sizzling summer afternoons or starlit evenings. Truly, it’s summer joy, sans alcohol.

Lautus Sauvignon Blanc Non-Alcoholic Wine

Embrace the taste of a sun-soaked vineyard with the Lautus Sauvignon Blanc. This non-alcoholic wine is a testament to balance, offering a delightful interplay of crisp citrus notes and tropical fruit aromas. 

Perfectly suited to fresh seafood dishes or grilled chicken, it’s your refreshing companion to a summer feast. But the truth is, a glass this good is sure to be appreciated on its own as well. Experience the pleasure of great wine, guilt-free.

Buzzkill Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc

Don't let the name fool you - the only thing this wine “kills” is the notion that non-alcoholic wines can't rival their traditional counterparts. 

The Buzzkill Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc offers a refreshing blast of juicy flavors and aroma, coupled with a crisp finish that begs for a second glass. And because it’s in a can, it’s perfect for those on-the-go adventures where glass could pose a problem. 

But even when you’re kicked back at home, it’s a fitting accessory to your summer salad or a cozy afternoon by the poolside. Buzzkill indeed - but in the best way possible.

Giesen Non-Alcoholic Pinot Grigio

Giesen's Non-Alcoholic Pinot Grigio offers an enchanting medley of bright pear, peach, and grape, all coming together in a harmonious blend. Light on the palate and high in refreshment, it's an ideal choice for summer BBQs or picnics. 

We personally love pairing it with salty snacks and foods - and once you try this match made in heaven, you’ll understand why. Let Giesen be your go-to wine for those lazy, hazy summer days where the living is easy and the wine is breezy.

Sovi Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White

As effervescent as a summer’s day, the Sovi Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White is a celebration in a glass. Brimming with notes of white florals, zesty lemon peel, and green apple, this sparkling gem is the epitome of light and refreshing. 

It's perfect for toasting to good times, sharing with friends, or simply indulging in a moment of bliss. And because it’s canned, there are no limits to where you can take Sovi!

Leitz NV Zero Point Five Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir

Who says the best alcohol-free summer wines can’t be red? The Leitz NV Zero Point Five Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir challenges that belief with panache. 

This non-alcoholic red offers the taste complexity of a Pinot Noir with light, summery notes of red berries, cherries, and a bold acidity. Enjoy it chilled with your favorite grilled dishes, and let your summer evenings be filled with the allure of this sophisticated, yet light-hearted wine.

Tips for Enjoying These Alcohol-Free Summertime Wines

Each of these wines is a story of summer waiting to be told, an experience waiting to be tasted. Savor the season, one glass at a time. While there are the best non-alcoholic summer wines in our book, let’s face it - they’re honestly the best alcohol-free wines year-round.

Before we bring this conversation to a close, we want to help you maximize the fun and flavor these varieties have to offer. Read on below for some serving guidelines and fun pairings you can try this summer season.

Serving Guidelines: Temperature & Glassware

How you serve your wine can have a significant impact on the experience, and the same goes for alcohol-free wines. Keeping the temperature in mind is crucial - too cold, and you might mask some delightful flavors; too warm, and the wine may taste flat. 

For most non-alcoholic whites, rosés, and sparkling wines, a serving temperature of around 7-10°C (44-50°F) is ideal. Non-alcoholic reds, like a Pinot Noir, may be served slightly warmer, between 12-16°C (53-60°F).

Glassware also plays a key role. For whites and rosés, opt for a smaller, U-shaped glass that allows the aromas to reach your nose effectively. A larger, rounder glass is preferable for reds, helping to aerate the wine and release its aromas. Remember, the magic is in the details!

Learn more in our guide on the different wine glass styles. Before we wrap up this guide to the best non-alcoholic wines for summer, we want to share a few fun pairings you can try.

Fun Pairings to Try

Wine and food pairing is an adventure of its own, a delightful exploration of harmonious flavors. Here are some fun ideas for your non-alcoholic wines:

  • Pair your Thomson & Scott Noughty Sparkling Rosé with a fresh strawberry salad - the fruitiness of the wine perfectly complements the sweetness of the strawberries.
  • Enjoy your Lautus Sauvignon Blanc with grilled shrimp skewers, the zesty flavors of the wine cutting through the smokiness of the shrimp.
  • A spicy, zingy Asian salad would be a great partner to Buzzkill’s Sauvignon Blanc, offering an exciting contrast of flavors.
  • Pair the Giesen Non-Alcoholic Pinot Grigio with a light cheese board. The fruitiness of the wine matches wonderfully with the creaminess of the cheese.
  • The Sovi Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White goes splendidly with light pastries or delicate macarons, creating a perfect high-tea affair.
  • Enjoy Leitz NV Zero Point Five Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir with a barbecued Portobello mushroom - the earthy flavors of the mushroom will match beautifully with the berry notes in the wine.

These are just our suggestions of course. Because remember - at the end of the day, all that matters is YOU enjoy the non-alcoholic wine you’re drinking and the foods you pair it with. Don’t be afraid to draw outside the lines and try something new and exciting!

Bringing Our Conversation on the Best Non-Alcoholic Wines for Summer to a Close

We hope this conversation on the best alcohol-free wines for summer has you inspired to try something new. Or, maybe after perusing our list of choices you end up revisiting an old favorite. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: your summer season is about to get a whole lot more fun.

At this point, there’s only one thing left to do - head over to Boisson and set yourself up for some summertime sweetness with the best non-alcoholic wines for summer! With the tips we’ve shared above and these flavorful, aromatic selections, you can enjoy your summer to the fullest while continuing to make healthy, mindful choices.

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