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Bringing Generations of Culture to the NA Space: Q&A with Giffard Liqueurs

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As one of the leading French producers of fine liqueurs with a history dating back to 1885, Giffard brings a historic expertise to the ever expanding world of NA drinks. We love this range—it’s easy on the eyes and palate, and we have a deep respect for Maison Giffard. Keep reading for a look into how they bring the artistry of distillation into 2024.

Thank you for joining us! Can you tell us a bit about how you landed in the NA space?

With Giffard Non-Alcoholic Liqueurs, we have an ingredient that enables us to make great alcohol-free cocktails with ease. Our expressions are easy to use for both bar professionals and at home bartenders. Each expression is designed to add texture and mouthfeel, provide depth and complexity, and deliver consistency and ease of mixing.

Maison Giffard has a history dating all the way back to 1885. What prompted the distillery to dip into non-alcoholic expressions?

One of Giffard's primary ethos is innovation and connecting with current cultural drinking trends. The No an Lo alcohol space is becoming more prominent everyday. and Giffard continues to be a leader in worldwide drinking trends. Since 1885, five generations of the Giffard family have worked hard to provide the world with quality liqueurs and syrups. Produced in France's Loire Valley, Giffard improves cocktails with the uncompromised taste of whole, natural ingredients.

The Giffard range is unlike anything we carry—we think of it as an enhancement cocktail really geared toward cocktail enthusiasts. Can you tell us about how it's used?

Ensuring that our customers never have to compromise on taste, our liqueurs are made to craft the highest quality non-alcoholic beverage offerings possible. Our unique range is known to bring viscosity, depth, and robust flavor to classic cocktails, with or without alcohol.

For someone new to NA—or mixology in general—where would you recommend starting?

Simply add club soda or sparkling water to any of the flavors. If you're new to mixing, we'd recommend starting with a simple mix: Giffard Grapefruit alongside sparkling lemon lime soda. Optionally, add agave syrup for a non-alcoholic Paloma riff.

How do you see Giffard playing into the culture shift around drinking?

Evolution, inclusivity, creativity, and growth are top of mind for us. Mindful drinking isn't a trend but a movement, one that keeps on growing and is here to stay. We see younger generations drinking less, and we need to make sure our industry adapts and evolves to accommodate. 1 in 7 people don't drink alcohol, and we're dedicated to having NA liqueur options for each of them. Being able to add creativity to cocktails, no matter the ABV, is part of our mission. Lastly, we aim to encourage growth in this space by ensuring that mindful drinkers have options. In turn, this attracts and retains guests in spaces that serve.

Our motto at Boisson is seeing the Glass Half Full. What does that look like for you and the team at Giffard?

In terms of our partnership together, we're really looking forward to a long term, fulfilling collaboration. It's our intention to help drive awareness about this product through our one-of-a-kind collection.


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