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Holiday Party Proof: Non-Alcoholic Options for Gathering, Hosting & Toasting

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From the health-conscious to morning meeting makers, it’s likely that not everyone wants to double down on the alcohol-centered traditions of the holiday season. Gen Z drinks 20% less than millennials, who drink even less than the generation preceding them. With a widespread shift in attitudes around alcohol, hangovers, mental health, and wellness, it’s in vogue to keep things fresh—and tasty—for guests, colleagues, and loved ones drinking less (or not at all). After all, being in such a liquid and toasty environment can be, well, awkward if you aren’t partaking. Or…it can be exciting.

Curating a menu that balances alcohol with alternative options is ideal, whether you’re celebrating the holidays, winter engagements, weddings, New Year’s, or simply being near your dear ones. From French bubbly and  ultra-premium wines to cocktails and ready-to-drink options, everyone can have a glass half-full.  


Our wholesale experts will help you curate and plan a menu for anything from intimate holiday dinners and happy hours to a New Year’s bash for 200 guests. From bubbly toasts to complex cocktails and beyond…


Build the Bar: Zero-Proof Edition

We can guide you through the following:

Bespoke Menus

With a 5 day lead time, our team can design you a simple and elegant menu for you to print as you wish - making your event as bespoke as our products.


Wine + Sparkling Selection

We take pride in being incredibly knowledgeable about the wines in our portfolio. Based on your likings and taste, we’re happy to help suggest items, or host an in-store tasting prior to your event so you know what to expect.


Cocktail Menu

  • It’s our pleasure to build you a menu of 3-6 cocktails, perfectly suited to your events.

  • Want the perfect 2 step Manhattan? We got you.

  • Want a 5 step cocktail for your hired mixologist to wow your guests? We are happy to work with them to provide the best NA ingredients—and recipes.


  • Knowing how much is enough—or not enough—is our expertise. In our experience with bars that offer NA alongside alcohol, the NA drinks tend to run out first…even though there’s plenty of demand. 

  • We’ll help you figure out just how many bottles, cocktails, and NA beers your event might require. Plus—NA has no limit ;) 

In-Town Delivery 

  • If you’re in NYC or LA, we can drop the products at your door!

Ready to get planning? 

Fill out our simple wholesale form and we’ll reach out to you shortly. 

Jill’s Holiday Menu:

    • WINE LIST:

      • French Bloom Rosé 

With or without Wilfred’s for a bittersweet twist


      • Misty Cliffs Sauvignon Blanc

      • Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge 3

      • Kolonne Null Magnum


    • Dirty Martini

      • Ingredients: 

        • 2 oz Pentire Adrift

        • 2 oz Roots Divino Bianco

        • 1 bar spoon Olive Juice

        • Olives to garnish

      • How to Sip:

    1. Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into rocks glass over a large cube
    2. Alternatively, add ingredients to a cocktail mixing glass over ice, stir, and then strain. 
    3. Add an optional olive garnish to a pick & serve.

    • Manhattan on a Rock

      • Ingredients:

        • 2 oz NKD Whisky

        • 2 oz Roots Divino Rosso

        • All the Bitter Chocolate Mole Bitters

      • How to Sip:

        • Pour 1:1 parts Whisky and Rosso in over large ice cubes in a rocks glass. Stir vigorously with a bar spoon, add a dash of bitters  and optional orange garnish.


    • Late Night Lavender

      • Ingredients:

        • 2 oz Aplós Calme

        • All the Bitter Lavender Bitters

        • Club Soda

      • How to Sip:

    1. Pour Calme over ice in a tall glass, top with club soda and add lavender bitters to taste.

    This year, have a toast everyone can feel good about. A thoughtful approach and a bit of excitement around alternative options goes a long way.
    Plus, we’re excited to offer special pricing for your next event…


    Spend $1000 and get a $50 discount (purchasing at wholesale pricing) OR ½ case of wine, on us. 

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