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More than a Workout: Q&A with Christina Holden, PR Manager at Barry's

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This Dry January, we've been lucky enough to partner with the team at Barry's to create in-person experiences across their studios in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Their community—like ours—was built on a shared love of well-being, growth, and mindful living. 

Joining forces has re-inspired us to keep our bodies moving this month and far beyond it. We sat down with Christina Holden, their talented PR Manager, to chat about the Barry's community, small mindset shifts that make a big difference, and her own takes on alcohol, anxiety, showing up, and slowing down in the new year. 

Thanks for joining us! We'd love to know a bit about you and what you're up to at Barry's.

One of my favorite parts about managing communications for Barry's is that I get to tell stories that resonate with our clients and build emotional connections with the brand. We have so many wonderful partners like Boisson that truly make Barry's more than a workout and into a full lifestyle offering for our clients. Amplifying these messages has had a huge impact on our #FitFam, and I'm grateful to be a part of it.

When it comes to Barry's and Boisson, what makes it feel like a natural partnership?

Barry's and Boisson both have a strong focus on helping people lead a healthier lifestyle. Together we are giving clients more choices when it comes to health.

At the start of a New Year, there always seems to be an uptick in working out and a reduction in drinking. What are your tips for entering this time, which can often feel overwhelming?

A lot of people start out the New Year by making big overarching goals that can feel really daunting or overwhelming to keep up for 12 months. Instead, I recommend starting small to set yourself up for success. Make commitments that feel realistic for your lifestyle—whether it's adding .5 to your treadmill speed, or ordering a non-alcoholic beverage at dinner with your friends instead of a martini. You can always build on your progress throughout the year or adjust your goals as needed! It's also important that you celebrate every small win.

It can be so easy to go hard at your goals in the beginning of January, only to feel exhausted by February. How can we combat this pattern?

Goals and resolutions need time to become an actual habit. One of my best tips for longevity is finding an accountability partner for support. It's a lot easier to remain consistent when you have someone to lean on or cheer you on when you feel yourself losing motivation. I'd also say it's important to always remind yourself of your 'why' - because if it's strong enough, you'll be able to stick with it for the long haul.

Can you share a bit about your journey with alcohol as it relates to your work, and fitness?

For me personally, alcohol has always led to feelings of increased anxiety and really lousy sleep, which without a doubt impact my ability to feel my best (mentally and physically) and crush a Barry's workout. From time to time I might socially sip on an alcoholic beverage, but overall I choose non-alcoholic options and live my best life.

I think a very real fear is that people think their social life may be hindered if alcohol isn't involved, but I've found so many like-minded people in the Barry's community both inside and out of the Red Room. I realized you can still meet new people, make connections, and laugh without alcohol.

This week's focus is on the idea of 'reset'. What role do you see Barry's playing in the lives of people who are resetting their relationships to alcohol?

For those who are looking to reset their relationship with alcohol in the New Year, Barry's is here to provide you with a supportive and positive environment where you can make strides in your overall well-being journey. You can sweat it out, manage your stress, and build some routine and structure into your days, all while having a strong community around you.

What are your favorite ways to take a break from the hustle?

Sometimes we all just need to slow down. Listen to a guided meditation. Read a book instead of scrolling endlessly on TikTok. Get a pedicure (and splurge for an extra 10-minute foot massage). Call a friend and take a slow walk together in a new neighborhood. Cook a new recipe. Or lastly, crack open your favorite non-alcoholic beverage, pour it into a fancy glass over ice, and sink into your couch!

Our motto at Boisson is seeing the Glass Half Full. How does Dry January allow people to move into this mindset?

Dry January gives people a chance to reset, recharge, and re-emerge better than ever. There's a lot of opportunity to reflect on how you want the year ahead to look and how you'll choose to see the positives even when we're pushed to our limits and challenged by life.

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