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Non-Alcoholic Tequila for the Summer: A Hot Trend in Beverage Culture

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When we asked CleanCo's founder, Spencer Matthews, why they chose to focus on tequila for their US launch, he simply replied, "We heard you guys go crazy for a margarita!" And he's absolutely right. One of the summer's most consumed base spirits, tequila comes in a variety of captivating flavors, making it a versatile and delightful choice for a wide range of cocktails. Whether you prefer it in a classic margarita, a zesty paloma, or a refreshing tequila sunrise, tequila offers the perfect foundation for your summer sipping experiences. While we already did a 101 on virgin margaritas, today we’re delving deep into the world of tequilas perfect for the summer. Embrace the spirit of the season and savor the flavors of tequila with our curated collection, crafted to elevate your summer gatherings with a touch of zest and excitement.

Clean T — Blanco Tequila  

Clean T, the reinvention of blanco tequila by CleanCo, delivers the classic flavors of agave, oak, and sweet fruit, culminating in a peppery finish that mirrors the lively nature of a full-strength tequila. With no sugar and only 10 calories per serving, Clean T maintains its clean taste and nutritional profile offers a versatile non-alcoholic option. 

CleanCo suggests enjoying Clean T over ice with tonic water and a dash of tabasco for a spicy and simple serve. For a non-alcoholic Paloma, mix 2 oz of Clean T with 4 oz of grapefruit soda, squeeze 1/6th of a lime wedge over ice, and add a pinch of sea salt for a satisfying finish. Additionally, Clean T can be used as a substitute for tequila in margaritas and other tequila-based cocktails, allowing you to tailor the potency to your preference.

Ritual — Zero Proof Tequila 

Made for margaritas, Ritual Tequila Alternative has been known to fool some people. In fact, close your eyes, take a sip, and tell us it doesn't have everything you expect out of a great marg! A nicely spicy spirit, Ritual Tequila Alternative has the grassy flavor, smoky aroma, and bright fire of tequila. Expect flavors of earthy blue agave, lime, sea salt, and tropical guava, with a smoky mesquite finish. This spirit starts off sweet before getting quite spicy and fresh peppery and then finishing with a bitter, woody aftertaste.

ISH — Mexican Agave Spirit  

Just like earthy agave and oakwood are some of the most prominent flavors in a classic Reposado Tequila, you can expect the same from our non-alcoholic Tequila. Organic Mexican agave plants and American oakwood combined with bay leaf, barley and a bit of brown sugar, come together to deliver the distinct aged tequila with a smooth finish. The alcohol-free Tequila has the nose you expect and the aged oaky notes for a smooth finish.

ISH Mexican Agave Spirit is not intended to be enjoyed neat, but rather to add the Tequila element in your alcohol-free Tequila cocktails, like mindful margaritas and palomas. Or, you can use it in conjunction with other spirits, allowing you to simply reduce the alcohol content of your Tequila cocktails. 


Free Spirits — The Spirit of Tequila 


With the same fiery, bold complexity as traditional tequila, the Spirit of Tequila offers a healthier, non-alcoholic alternative, crafted with all natural flavors and ingredients for a refreshing experience. Use in place for all your favorite tequila drinks and enjoy an experience that feels enhanced yet is alcohol-free, due to Free Spirits' functional ingredients. Virgin margaritas are always a no-brainer go-to, but when was the last time you had a tequila sunrise? We recommend fresh squeezed orange juice and a healthy dash of bitters instead of the traditional grenadine for a more sophisticated flavor—this spirit's smoky earthiness will provide a nice balance to the sweetness of the OJ. An earthy, spicy nose brings your taste buds to life, followed by hints of charred oak and fresh lime. A smoky, agave-forward finish captures the authentic tequila experience—all the way down to the subtle golden hue.

Spiritless — Jalisco 55 Tequila 

Spiritless was created to bring optionality to your drinks and more freedom to your days. The Spiritless Jalisco 55 is an expertly crafted non-alcoholic alternative to reposado, in which familiar notes of sweet agave, spice, citrus, and herbs come together in a clean, balanced palate. Crafted using a reverse distillation process, the spirit is twice distilled to remove alcohol content while honoring the taste and feel of the original spirit. Jalisco 55 is a must-have for low- or zero-proof tequila classics: simply substitute this spirit in your favorite palomas, margaritas, and more—all the spicy tequila vibes, and no hangovers. While you can enjoy this spirit any way you'd like, Spiritless notes that it shines brightest in classic tequila cocktail recipes. 

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