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Q&A with Pentire, Non-Alc Plant Spirits Inspired by the Cornish Coast

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They say, one can’t become a great writer by sitting at a desk all day: instead, one gotta get out there and observe. Same goes for entrepreneurship, and the non-alc spirits brand Pentire is a true testament to that. Inspired by the magnificent Cornish coastline, this lifestyle-led beverage company is now recognized and loved by active, outdoorsy folks and fancy hotel dwellers alike, making it clear that Pentire got to capture the essence of what we all need most — the feeling of oneness with nature. We sat down with Pentire’s co-founder Alistair Frost aka Frosty (who’s actually surprisingly warm) to chat about business & sustainability, the diverse plant ecosystem of Cornwall, and what every of us can do to protect the natural wonders that still surround us, even when we stop noticing and neglect them. 

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you guys meet and how did Pentire come about? 

pentire frosty

 I started Pentire to make a delicious healthy drink for like-minded outdoor-loving folks. Pentire is the name of our coast here, in Cornwall, in the UK. Everyone’s super friendly, it's got great plant life and ingredients and amazing beaches to enjoy. Ed & I met on a cycle trip, good fun!



Alistair Frost, Co-founder of Pentire


Your logo is a wave adorned with a plant. Tell us more about how surfing culture and lush coastal botanicals blended into Pentire?   

Oh yeah, we worked with a friend and local illustrator on that. Plants and waves, kind of capture the ingredients and what we are all about in one go. Love it. 


A quote on your website: “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Given that you’re a B-Corp [a label for businesses who strive to improve environmental and social problems], when was this moment when you realized that you should take responsibility and action? 


 It's only natural for us as a company that started through a love of the sea and being outdoors to look after it as we grow. We've actually always behaved like a b-corp, so when we were doing the certification, we didn't have to change a thing. That was really great. Plus, we're only getting started and continue to tread lighter.  



Have you noticed any interesting stats about your consumers? 

Hmm, well, interestingly, we are gender-neutral, which is really cool. A lot of N/A is female led. 


You mentioned Patagonia and The North Face as companies you look up to, and we can see where you're coming from, as you all aim to promote a better lifestyle through your product. Are you looking to pivot in the future or do you mostly see yourself as a beverage company? 

Yeah, Pentire is hugely inspired by outdoor and active brands, but also by excellence in flavor. Instead of pivoting on anything, we just want to drill down more naturally into who we are, what we and our community are into, and luckily, that seems to resonate with current trends, too.


You said once that protecting oceans is the easiest way to stop climate change. What relevant content would you recommend to those looking to reflect on their relationship with the environment? We liked Chasing Coral on Netflix — it’s quite heartfelt and memorable, maybe something similar? 

I would say, instead of watching anything, just get out there and enjoy it as much as you can and you’ll feel the positive impact it can have on your life. That will naturally educate and make you feel like you want to protect it (if you don't already).  


What has been the most important lesson you learned throughout your journey as an entrepreneur that helped you get going no matter what? 

Mindset is super important and something you can help control with exercise, diet, sleep and so on. Then it's about being around the right people. Most importantly, it's got to be making sure you really, really listen.   


Our motto at Boisson is seeing the Glass Half Full. How do you think alcohol-free alternatives like yours allow people to see the glass half full? 

Instead of being an 'alternative' to anything, it's really about being something that represents going and getting after life as much as you can. And to do that, you can't see stuff half-empty! 

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