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The Best Non-Alcoholic Rums: Reviews, Brands, and Cocktail Suggestions

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Few things beat the taste of a Mai Tai on a hot day – or a rum and egg nog in the cool of winter. But if you’re watching your alcohol intake, you might worry you won’t be able to enjoy these pleasures. That's not a problem anymore with these alcohol-free rum alternatives. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the best ones and give you a few ideas for cocktails to make at home. Cheers!


For bright and well-rounded flavor and low calorie

rumish nonalcoholic rum boisson 

RumISH is a decadent mix of botanicals, including Madagascar vanilla, nutmeg, and baked apple. A special distilling method with chili seed shells gives the drink the perfect amount of burn. Capturing the rich, warm notes of caramel, vanilla, and nutmeg, it’s easy to see why RumISH is also a three-time Gold Medal winner. And with zero sugar and only six calories per serving, RumISH is perfect in a daiquiri or mojito. 


Ritual – Non Alcoholic Rum Alternative

For low-calorie, highly rated rum that’s perfect in a cocktail

ritual nonalcoholic rum alternative

Warm and inviting, Ritual Non-Alcoholic Rum lets you enjoy all your favorite rum cocktails without the hangover or calories. With only five calories per serving, the beverage has all the makings of good rum: dark rum smell and flavor and a balanced burn. Its complemented with tropical ripe banana and burnt orange notes with a kiss of cloves and star anise. Enjoy the warm vanilla and toasted spiced beverage in Mai Tais, Daquiris, Rum & Coke, Pina Colada, and so much more. 


Lyre's Non Alcoholic Cane Spirit 

For a high-end rum alternative with options

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Cane Spirits come in a variety of flavors for the discerning rum palette. Choose from Dark Cane Spirit, White Cane Spirit, or Spiced Cane Spirit. Each Rum has won awards in its categories.

White Cane Spirit has notes of citrus, oak, and sugar cane. It’s refreshing in a Mojito or Daiquiri.

Dark Cane Spirit has the rich molasses notes of a dark rum with tastes of maple and orange. Make a Dark ‘n’ Spicy, or mix it up with the White Cane Spirit for a sophisticated Mai Tai.

Spiced Cane Spirit is similar to Kraken Spiced rum with caramel and molasses flavor rounded off with spiced vanilla. It's delicious as a rum and coke or a new take on the Espresso Martini.

Solbrü Inspire – Non-Alcoholic Elixir

For a nourishing beverage with all-healthy ingredients

solbru rum nonalcoholic elixir

Why stop at alcohol-free? Sol Brü makes beverages with adaptogens and botanicals like mane mushrooms, gingers, and apple cider vinegar for a mixer that tastes good, digests easily, and leaves you feeling better than before. Sweet apple notes, calming lavender, and warming clove make this drink perfect in egg nog or a classic rum & coke.

CleanCo Clean R – Spiced Rum Alternative

For just the perfect amount of burn

Invitingly sweet and spicy, CleanCo Clean R is a delicious Caribbean rum alternative for the discerning palette. Its splash of cayenne gives the beverage a spicy warmth that's well rounded by the deep caramel flavor. With zero added sugar, it's a delicious alternative to spiced dark rum to mix into coke and enjoy in other rum cocktails.

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